Curriculum and Instruction

  • Master of Education - Curriculum and Instruction
    Available Options:
    • Professional Studies Track
    • Elementary Education Alternative Route to Licensure (ARL) Track
    • Elementary Education Teach for America (TFA) Track
    • Secondary English Education ARL Track
    • Secondary Math Education ARL Track
    • Secondary Science Education ARL Track
    • Secondary Social Studies Education ARL Track
    • Secondary English Language Arts Education TFA Track
    • Secondary Mathematics Education TFA Track
    • Secondary Science Education TFA Track
    • Secondary Social Studies Education TFA Track
  • Master of Science - Curriculum and Instruction
    Available Options:
    • Career & Technical and Postsecondary Education Track
    • English Language Arts Education Track
    • Elementary Mathematics Education Track
    • Secondary Mathematics Education Track
    • Elementary Science Education (K-8) Track
    • Secondary Science Education Track
    • Elementary Social Studies Education Track
    • Secondary Social Studies Education Track
    • Multicultural Education Track
  • Education Specialist - Curriculum and Instruction
  • Doctor of Philosophy - Curriculum and Instruction
    Available Options:
    • Post-Bachelor’s Track
    • Post-Master’s Track
    • Cultural Studies, International Education, and Multicultural Education (CSIEME) J.D. Track
    • Career & Technical and Postsecondary Education Track
    • Cultural Studies, International Education, and Multicultural Education (CSIEME) Track
    • Interaction and Media Sciences Track
    • Literacy Education Track
    • Mathematics Education Track
    • Science Education Track
  • Doctor of Education - Curriculum and Instruction
    Available Options:
    • Career & Technical and Postsecondary Education Track
    • Cultural and International Studies in Education Track
    • Educational Technology Track
    • Literacy Education Track
    • Mathematics Education Track
    • Science Education Track
    • Teacher Education Track

Elementary Education

Global Teaching

K-8 Integrated STEM Education

Multicultural, Social Justice, and Global Education

Online Teaching and Training

Secondary Education

  • Graduate Conditional Licensure Certificate for Secondary Teaching
  • Master of Arts in Teaching Secondary Education
    Available Options:
    • Teaching Secondary Education - Art Education On Hold
    • Teaching Secondary Education - English/Language Arts Education
    • Teaching Secondary Education - Mathematics Education
    • Teaching Secondary Education - Science Education
    • Teaching Secondary Education - Social Studies Education
    • Teaching Secondary Education - Career and Technical Education On Hold
    • Teaching Secondary Education - World Languages On Hold

Teacher Education

Applicants will be responsible for ensuring that their application files are complete and submitted before the appropriate deadline. Applicants will need to include in their application a current email address as all correspondence will be done electronically. The admission process is somewhat complex in that the Graduate College and the department have separate requirements that applicants will have to meet. Because of this, applicants will need to understand the importance of submitting the proper material to the proper places.

Applicants are strongly encouraged to submit all application materials well in advance of the deadlines.

Individual degree forms and handbooks are available on the Graduate College website. Also see Timeline from Admission to Graduation, available in the Graduate Catalog.

Transfer courses and courses taken at UNLV before admission may be accepted in a program of study. A maximum of 15 graduate-level semester hours may be transferred and must:

  • Fall within the six (6) year limit for completion of the degree (the six (6) year limit begins with the oldest course listed on a program of study);
  • Be evaluated by the advisor as meeting program emphasis concentration requirements (the advisor may communicate with other faculty who teach similar courses, but there are no forms requiring approval) and approved by the Graduate Coordinator;
  • Be completed with a grade of "B" or better (no grades of "B-" or lower or pass/fail are transferable); and
  • Be limited to 12 semester hours if the student was enrolled in courses at another accredited institution (these hours are considered part of the 15-hour transfer limit); and
  • Not be part of another program of study culminating in a degree posted on transcripts.

Upon acceptance, official written notification of will be forwarded to you by the Graduate College. In addition, you will receive an email* from the T&L Department, identifying your advisor. In consultation with the advisor, students are responsible for filing a program of study forms with the Graduate College within the first 16 semester hours of coursework.

*All email correspondence will be sent to your UNLV Rebelmail account. You must open and activate your Rebelmail to receive e-mail correspondence. You may forward Rebelmail to your own personal email account.

Alternative Route to Licensure

The Alternative Route to Licensure (ARL) program provides a route for individuals who hold a bachelor's degree other than teaching and aspires to become an elementary or secondary teacher. The ARL program is a fast-paced program that offers the possibility of receiving a conditional teaching license in the state of Nevada after one semester (based on successful completion of licensing requirements). The ARL program offers coursework aligned to an elementary or secondary teaching license with the option for a Master of Education (M.Ed.) degree.

Benefits of the ARL through the Department of Teaching and Learning:

  • Faster track to a teaching position
  • Credits that count toward teaching licensure requirements and a master's degree
  • Excellent job prospects in the Clark County School District

Learn more about the program on the Alternative Route to Licensure page.

Business & Industry Licenses

The State of Nevada provides special teaching licenses (7th grade through Adult) for Career and Technical Education subjects in the public schools.

An individual can apply for and receive a Business & Industry teaching license if he/she has an earned high school diploma or its equivalent; has a minimum of 5 years of full-time qualifying employment after age 16 in an endorsement area; and, holds a license issued by the appropriate Nevada licensing Board (if one is required by law for employment; i.e., Nurse, Cosmetologist, etc.) in the endorsement area.

Visit the Business and Industry licenses page for more information.

Graduate Assistant Application

For further information contact the T&L Graduate Studies office via, 702-895-1540, or Carlson Education Bldg. Room 354. Must be a full-time student while working 20 hours per week on campus during normal business hours.

Financial Aid Information

Complete as requested; be sure to complete a FASFA form at the beginning of each academic year as per announcements of potential financial aid or scholarship opportunities.

As a graduate student, you are responsible for the following:

  • Students are responsible for contacting their assigned advisor for an appointment.
  • Students must meet with their assigned advisor to plan a course of study during the first semester of admission. At this time, students should also file a program of study.
  • Students must file a program of study prior to the completion of sixteen (16) semester hours.
  • Students have the primary responsibility for staying informed of university and/or department changes in course offerings and degree requirements, but advisors are available for guidance.
  • Students may change a program of study with advisor approval. A "Program Change Form" must be filed.
  • Students must register for a minimum of six (6) semester hours each calendar year (typically 3 credits in the Fall semester and 3 credits in the Spring semester). All requirements for the master's degree must be completed within six (6) calendar years, i.e., the oldest course cannot be older than six (6) years.
  • Students must inform the T&L Graduate Studies Office, CEB 368A, of name, address, telephone number, and email address changes at or 702-895-1986.
  • Students must register for the appropriate culminating experience once they have completed 30-36 hours.
    • CIG 697 C&I Culminating Experience - register for appropriate section and contact advisor to begin project
    • GIG 698 Professional Paper/Project - file for GIG 689 Seminar in C&I (1 credit)
    • CIG 699 Thesis - file prospectus form
  • Students must apply for graduation during the first weeks of the semester of graduation. The due date for the graduation application is listed on the calendar page of the class schedule. The graduation fee is posted to the student's account.