Doctor of Philosophy - Teacher Education


The Ph.D. in Teacher Education in the Department of Teaching & Learning is projected for professional educators who have an interest in becoming practitioner-oriented scholars in teacher education and who are interested in teacher education as a content area for research. Completing this degree will enable individuals to answer the national call for teacher educators and researchers in this field. The program is one of only a few in the nation devoted to teacher education.


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Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this program, graduates will be able to:

  • Demonstrate college-level teaching experience.
  • Connect theory and research related to teaching and learning to the practice of teaching in schools and to the practice of teaching university courses.
  • Design and conduct research using quantitative and qualitative methodologies with particular emphasis on applied research in the context of diverse schools.

Career Possibilities

  • University or college professor
  • Curriculum leader
  • Educational consultant
  • Researcher at private and public institutions
  • District administrators
  • Director/administrator of state and national departments of education


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Doctor of Philosophy - Teacher Education


Graduate Coordinator

Kenneth J. Varner, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

CEB - 338

Department of Teaching and Learning

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