This web-based certificate is offered as a sequence of courses that includes both conceptual and strategic implementation foci. The audience includes K-12 teachers, university instructors and professors, and business and industry trainers. Completion of the certificate program will provide educators and trainers with improved ability in their online teaching, training, and professional development through an emphasis on (a) strong assessment practices, (b) active learning strategies, (c) effective digital media implementation, and (d) inclusion of appropriate social media components.


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Learning Outcomes

Learning outcomes include mastery of both philosophical and applied pedagogy in the following areas:

  • strong assessment practices
  • active learning strategies
  • effective digital media implementation
  • inclusion of appropriate social media components


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Graduate Certificate in Online Teaching and Training


Department of Teaching and Learning

The Department of Teaching & Learning holds as its central mission educational research and the preparation of educators at all levels. The department ensures that its professional education programs are based on essential knowledge, established and current research findings, and sound professional practice.