Students, faculty/staff, and dependents of faculty/staff complete required forms prior to their scheduled appointments to the Student Health Center, Student Counseling and Psychological Services, or Faculty and Staff Treatment (FAST) Center.

Please visit the WellnessView Portal and view the Upcoming Appointments section. Please do NOT complete ALL forms available on the portal.

This WellnessView Portal FAQs page addresses commonly asked questions regarding the UNLV WellnessView Portal.

Medical and Health Records Requests/Forms

Visit notes and other health records can be accessed via the WellnessView Portal.  Visit Summaries and Lab Results are available in the left side menu. For all other requests, select Forms in the menu and scroll to Legal Releases and Waivers to complete a release of information form. 

WellnessView Portal


Student Health Center (SHC)
Student Health Center

Student Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)
Counseling and Psychological Services

Faculty and Staff Treatment (FAST) Center
Faculty and Staff Treatment (FAST) Center