Before Receiving a Prescription

PRIOR TO being prescribed medication treatment for ADHD from Student Wellness:

  • All students must be evaluated by a UNLV Student Wellness mental health provider and a medical provider to assess for the appropriateness of ADHD treatment. Please be aware that medication is not prescribed at the initial meeting.
  • All students must have documentation of neuropsychological testing that specifically assesses for the presence of ADHD, and a copy of this documentation must be provided to a Student Wellness mental health provider for review. Neuropsychological testing generally includes multiple clinician-administered assessments, clinical interview(s), and a diagnostic formulation.
  • Once the evaluations are completed and after the review of medical documentation and neuropsychological testing results, an individual treatment plan will be created. There is no guarantee that medications will be prescribed.
  • If deemed appropriate by Student Wellness, a student may be referred to an off- campus provider to be evaluated and receive treatment.
  • If a student is in need of an immediate refill of ADHD medication previously prescribed by a provider outside of Student Wellness, the student must contact the prescribing provider for refills until they are seen and established as a patient/client in Student Wellness.

After Receiving a Prescription

If medication treatment has been prescribed for you by Student Wellness for ADHD:

  • The student is responsible for monitoring and obtaining medication refills in a timely manner.
  • The student is strongly advised to schedule appointments well in advance of needing refills.
  • Student athletes are responsible for consulting with the Athletic Department’s Medical Director/Head Team Physician regarding NCAA compliance prior to taking prescription medications.

If you have been diagnosed with ADHD, you may wish to visit or call the UNLV Disability Resource Center to learn more about support and services available to students.