OLLI @ UNLV Survey Project

Studying adult education, health, and wellbeing.

Welcome to the OLLI @ UNLV Research site!

We are a team of social scientists who are interested in learning more about the social and health benefits of participating in OLLI at UNLV. To study this, we are conducting a survey of OLLI at UNLV participants asking questions about their OLLI experiences and their social health and well-being.

The Project

This research project is important for understanding the benefits of OLLI for its members and how adult education programs benefit older adults by helping them stay engaged in a social and intellectual community.

Research on older adults’ health and well-being and community-based adult education programs are gaining increased attention as more people become aware of the trends in population aging.

This research project is important because:

  • Little is known about longitudinal trends of the association between well-being and adult education programs focusing on community-dwelling older adults.
  • Healthy community-dwelling older adults are understudied compared to less healthy older adults.
  • Little is known about the specific pathways (e.g., new knowledge and social networks) between adult education programs and participants’ well-being.
  • We lack information about OLLI at UNLV participants’ basic characteristics and their satisfaction with the program.

Why Las Vegas?

Las Vegas is a strategic location to study because it is racially and culturally diverse. Additionally, the Las Vegas suburbs have experienced considerable growth in the older population.

Benefits of the Research

  • Participating in our study will provide information that will help OLLI at UNLV continue to improve their educational programming and continue to meet its members’ needs.
  • This study will increase scientific knowledge about the relationship of adult education programs to community-dwelling older adults’ well-being as a model case for aging in diverse American society.
  • OLLI at UNLV will benefit from this study by gaining valuable knowledge about its participants, which may help guide recruitment efforts and curriculum modifications.

The Survey

The OLLI @ UNLV survey is currently closed. Please check back when it's live.

Research Team