Undergraduate Program

Thank you for your interest in our undergraduate sociology program. We are a vibrant department with faculty studying and teaching a wide variety of fascinating sociological topics. We have developed an internship program where you can gain hands-on sociological experience and established a local chapter of the international sociology honor society, Alpha Kappa Delta (AKD).

The department's undergraduate program has several key degree objectives. The sociology graduate should have knowledge of:

  • The key concepts, debates, and trends in sociology
  • The major sociological paradigms and theories
  • The variety of methods used in sociological research

In addition, you will be able to:

  • Exercise your sociological imagination by applying sociological knowledge in their own projects—whether intellectual, personal, and/or political
  • Express ideas orally and in writing by mastering the sociology curriculum (see Appendix C, degree objectives and assessment)


Dr. Kerie Francis

Assistant Professor in Residence

Undergraduate Program Coordinator