Community Outreach

We take local community problems as our own and strive to improve the quality of life in our state.

  • The Social Health of Nevada Report is a prime example of the sociology faculty’s commitment to service and community outreach. In collaboration with the Nevada governor's office and Clark County agencies and faculty across the university, UNLV sociologists spearheaded this pioneering study of leading indicators that established a baseline for comparing the quality of life in the Silver State with progress made in other regions.
  • The Las Vegas Metropolitan Areas Social Survey 2010 has tracked Las Vegans' attitudes toward natural environment, community, and economy. The survey's goal is to evaluate the sustainability outlook in areas crucial to the well-being of Southern Nevada.
  • The Nevada Test Site Oral History Project explores Nevada's historical role as a nuclear weapon testing site. Funded by an $830,000 grant from by the U.S. Department of Energy and the U.S. Department of Education, this undertaking documents and preserves the lived past of the state residents associated with and affected by nuclear weapon testing in Nevada.
  • The Nevada Problem Gambling Project and Nevada E-health Project is a collaborative effort between UNLV sociology faculty and students and the Harvard Medical School. These gambling-related investigations are managed by DOS faculty with the join appointment at the Harrah Hotel College and the UNLV International Gaming Institute and are supported by $1,099,880 in state of Nevada and Harvard University grants.
  • The NSF “Interdependent Water Infrastructure in a Potable Reuse System” study ($747,026), analyzed the interdependence and resilience of flood control, wastewater, and drinking water infrastructure, and, in particular, the impact on water quality of unsheltered homeless encampments with insufficient sanitation facilities and management. The sociology component, led by Dr. Ray, uses ethnographic methods to characterize the homeless experience and their decision making processes to aid stakeholders and decision makers.

We invite visitors to explore UNLV sociology, encourage students to sign up for sociology classes, and urge scholars interested in collaborative research to contact our faculty.