Gaining new members for your organization is essential to your organization's longevity and ability to operate. New members can bring a new energy and new ideas to an organization. New members also pose an opportunity for seasoned members to act as mentors and guides, developing new members to be active citizens of the organization. A key element to keeping to members is to orient them to the organization. This can be done through developing a new member orientation. Below are some tips for developing a successful new member orientation.

Why Is It Important?

Most likely, new members are not fully aware of your organization's goals, purpose, structure, as well as the advantages that are offered, and the activities/events hosted by your organization.

  • New members are likely to stay and be kept interested if they know more about the organization, its responsibilities, how it is run, and the benefits there are from being a member.
  • Orientation will enable new members to easily incorporate themselves to your organization instead of being a mere bystander.
  • Orientation gives them more confidence in voicing their opinions without much hesitation.
  • They will not be afraid in lending their special talents and their time to your organization.
  • The organization can efficiently and comfortably move on as being a productive group without much confusion.

New Member Orientation

New member orientation should include:

  • Introduction of members
    • Icebreakers – (see Icebreakers packet from SORCE room).
    • Keep an account of members’ email and phone number information.
    • Have old members and new members interact.
  • Inform about your organization's history, purpose, and structure
    • When did it start? How did it start? Why?
    • What is your organization’s mail goal(s)?
    • Any board positions? The criteria for being part of the board? What are the responsibilities of each role?
  • Inform about any procedures and policies
    • Are there any dues?
    • Are there any requirements to be part of the organization?
    • Any requirements to stay in the organization? Attendance requirement? GPA requirement?
  • Traditions and programs – calendar of events
    • Are there are any major events your organization hold as traditions?
    • Any activities that are held regularly?
    • Retreats?
    • Upcoming events?
  • Tell about your organization's benefits
    • Priority room scheduling
    • UNLV Dining
    • Any other resources available to recognized organizations?
    • Any other group affiliations? National chapters?

After orientation, focus on team-building and motivating your new and old members. (Packets on team building and motivating your members are available in the SORCE room).

Possible Activities

  • Retreats
  • Movie Nights
  • Picnic Outings
  • Hikes/Camping
  • Icebreakers