Why Keep Members Motivated?

  • It assists your organization's retention.
  • It provides more diverse perspectives and ideas in your organization
  • It creates a feeling of community.
  • It helps your organization grow, develop, and further establish its identity.

Motivation 101

Types of Motivation

  • Intrinsic – motivation driven by the self (i.e. enjoying time, personally satisfying).
  • Extrinsic – motivation from an outside force (i.e. recognition, rewards, promotions, etc.).

What does this look like in your organization?

Motivating your Members for Success

  • What types of motivators work for you and your members?
  • What types of things don’t work for your members?
  • Where are the frustrations coming from your members? From you?

Top 10 Tips for Success

  1. Let go! Share the responsibilities with everyone.
  2. Hold a constructive forum.
  3. Develop a mission/ set goals.
  4. Set guidelines and expectations.
  5. Aim high.
  6. Educate and delegate.
  7. Provide incentives and encouragement.
  8. Measure your progress and celebrate successes.
  9. Mix it up!
  10. Get excited and have fun!