Risk Management & Safety (RMS) is responsible for risk management, insurance, and claims administration for the Business Center South institutions of the Nevada System of Higher Education which includes the University of Nevada Las Vegas, College of Southern Nevada, and Nevada State College.

The goal of RMS is protecting the welfare of students, staff, patrons, and assets of from risk and financial loss. To accomplish these tasks, RMS coordinates with other departments to identify and analyze risk, develop risk control techniques, select appropriate retention and/or transfer of risk, and provide risk administration.

Supporting Documents And Forms


The execution of waivers should be implemented when departments or institution program sponsors activities that involve risks of bodily injury or damage to property. If a waiver is not executed, the institution sponsor could be unnecessarily exposing NSHE of possible financial loss. The activity sponsor may also be missing an opportunity to inform participants about the risks associated with an activity or event. Although releases are primarily legal tools, they also serve an educational purpose by making participants aware of potential risks. Often that is all that is necessary to avoid preventable accidents

General Counsel for Nevada System of Higher Education Business Center South institutions are responsible for managing liability waivers. Any amended forms will need to be approved by General Counsel.

Incident Reports

Incident reports are completed to document incidents of harm to persons or property occurring in the course of the institutions activities.

These reports are used to document the information which assist personnel to evaluate the cause and responsibility of the incident.

These forms are not to be used for incidents involving an employee’s work related injury.