Knowing what chemicals are present in a particular room on campus can be vital not only to keeping those materials and those around them safe, but also to assist the users of those chemicals in easily knowing how much of any one material they have. Risk Management & Safety's (RMS) Chemical Inventory Management program is tasked with maintaining the inventory of all hazardous chemicals on campus through CHIMERA.

These listings allow us to obtain Safety Data Sheets for chemicals that may pose a hazard to those working with them, while also providing a simple means for lab personnel to track what materials are in their possession. The chemical inventory process also assists RMS in complying with current and future policies mandated by federal, state, and local regulations—such as those set by the Department of Homeland Security: Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards.


The gateway to UNLV chemical inventory is CHIMERA, a comprehensive chemical inventory management and reporting application which provides a series of tools and functions that enable users to view inventory data, safety sheets (SDS), hazard reports, etc. Lab directors, instructors, and principal investigators can sign up to manage their inventory through the online interface. Users can even enroll in ChemShare which enables the sharing of individual inventories amongst fellow users.

The Inventory Process

The inventory process is quick and easy for most rooms. Inventory can be scheduled around sensitive times, such as during the performance of experiments, if the chemical inventory specialists at RMS are contacted beforehand. Follow-up visits may be required to verify certain chemical data, and rarely take longer than the time to find the chemical alone.

Receiving of Chemicals

In addition to the inventory process, RMS works with Shipping & Receiving to ensure that the inventory shown in CHIMERA is as close to real-time as possible, and to ensure Safety Data Sheets for new chemicals are on-hand. Packages processed through chemical receiving are not delayed from the original delivery date, and are delivered directly to their intended locations after being inventoried.