Certificates of Insurance provide evidence of the existence of insurance coverage for any business or government entity. Contractors who perform services or supply goods to the Nevada System of Higher Education entities (UNLV/CSN/NSC) use certificates of insurance to assure you that required insurance coverage's like commercial general liability, auto liability, workers' compensation and other insurance coverage's (such as professional liability) exist to satisfy a variety of obligations that may arise, or which those contractors have assumed contractually as a part of a transaction. Certificates are not insurance contracts. They do not define nor modify coverage or list exclusions. They are only evidence that insurance existed at the time of issuance. As a certificate holder, NSHE is not entitled to information regarding policy changes during the policy term. NSHE is only entitled to insurance policy cancellation.

Contractors and Vendors

Certificates of Insurance will be required by UNLV/CSN/NSC from the contractor's current insurance company for all lines of insurance for construction, services contracts or working on behalf of UNLV/CSN/NSC. The contractor's insurance broker can provide the certificate.

Departments at UNLV, CSN, or NSC

The Nevada System of Higher Education on behalf of UNLV/CSN/NSC is self-insured for liability risks. To obtain documentation to verify coverage, you will need to send a request with the attached form to Risk Management & Safety.

The State of Nevada and the Nevada System of Higher Education have acquired a Special Excess Liability insurance policy. Certificates of Insurance are available upon request to Business Center South/Risk Management & Safety.