Main Contact Information

 Mailing Address

Risk Management & Safety
University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Box 451042
4505 S. Maryland Pkwy.
Las Vegas, NV 89154-1042



  • 702-895–4690

 Building Location

Assistant Directors

Michael L. Means

Assistant Director, Risk Management
Office: CSB 119A
Phone: 702-895-5735

Paul Garcia

Assistant Director of Environmental Health and Safety
Office: CSB 119C
Phone: 702-895-4861

Administrative Support

Tessa Jacobs

Administrative Assistant IV
Office: CSB 119-12
Phone: 702-895-1738

Robin Love

Administrative Assistant III
Office: CSB 119-11
Phone: 702-895-2975

Chemical Inventory & Software Management

Robert Deaver

Software Architect
Office: CSB 119H
Phone: 702-895-4386

Kenny To

Software Engineer
Office: CSB 119G
Phone: 702-895-4386

Ann Yaris

Chemical Inventory Specialist
Office: CSB 119-14
Phone: 702-895-4259

Ian Watters

IT Professional I
Office: CSB 119-13
Phone: 702-895-5803

Student Employees

Environmental Health & Lab Safety

George Fratus

Environmental Management & Lab Safety Manager
Office: CSB 119B
Phone: 702-895-4942

Ricky Rideout

Chemical Hygiene Office/Asbestos Program Manager
Office: CSB 201W
Phone: 702-895-4048

Eric Compton

Hazardous Materials Safety Technician
Office: CSB 119-02
Phone: 702-895-2929

Fire & Life Safety

Lewis Austin

Fire and Life Safety Manager
Office: CSB 119F
Phone: 702-895-2363

Vanessa Hogan

FLS Inspector II
Office: CSB 119-04
Phone: 702-895-0463

William Smith Jr.

FLS Inspector II
Office: CSB 119-03
Phone: 702-895-4861

Student Employees

Insurance & Claims Administration

Michael L. Means

Assistant Director, Risk Management
Office: CSB 119A
Phone: 702-895-5735

Michele Washington

Claims Administration Coordinator
Office: CSB 119F
Phone: 702-895-5404

Michael Tabije

Risk Management Coordinator
Office: CSB 201Q
Phone: 702-895-2297

Occupational Safety & Health

John Tomola

Occupational Safety Manager
Office: CSB 119E
Phone: 702-895-4860

Julie Moos

Safety Training Specialist
Office: CSB 201V
Phone: 702-895-2990

Jason Hargis

Occupational Safety Program Coordinator
Office: CSB 119-06
Phone: 702-895-1758

Radiological Safety

Brian Rowsell

Radiological Safety Officer
Office: CSB 119D
Phone: 702-895-4419

Reginald Stewart

Radiation Safety Specialist
Office: CSB 201A
Phone: 702-895-4941

Daniel Martinez

Radiation Safety Specialist
Office: CSB 201U
Phone: 702-895-5736

Student Employees
  • Danesha Hunter, Radiation Safety Student Worker
  • Estefany Merino, Radiation Safety Student Worker