A fast track contract streamlines the contracting process. Please note that some contracts will require additional insurance and/or clauses, or may require UNLV signatures and may not be eligible for a fast track contract. If you have any questions about the fast track contract process, contact your department’s assigned Purchasing Analyst.

Eligible Proposals

Proposals that are likely eligible for a fast track contract must:

  1. Be less than $50,000 for the life of the contract, including the entire term of the contract and all likely expenses (if the contract is for $15,000, but there are $45,000 in other potential expenses, it is not eligible, because the contract total would be $60,000);
  2. Be for a term of one year or less with no automatic renewal; and,
  3. Include the required insurance. Note, certain proposals that require additional insurance, such as coach or livery services may still be eligible, but may require an additional insurance addendum.

Non-Eligible Proposals

  1. Proposals for construction services or design professionals.
  2. Proposals for legal services.
  3. Proposals for services and/or goods that, inclusive of all expenses, are $50,000 or more.
  4. Proposals for a contract term for more than one year, or that auto-renew.
  5. Proposals that reference their own online terms and conditions.
  6. Proposals that have any legal terms and conditions, other than the date of services, scope of services, and pricing.
  7. Proposals that necessitate a more complex contract.
  8. Proposals for rental of UNLV facilities.
  9. Services or goods that based on the dollar amount or type require a formal competitive solicitation. See UNLV’s Competitive Threshold Requirements.

The Purchasing Analyst assigned to your requisition will contact you to let you know if the proposal is or is not eligible for a fast track contract.

Fast Track Contract Process

If a department chooses to work with a supplier that is eligible for a fast track contract, the department should include the following with the requisition:

  • A signed Proposal Cover Page in which the supplier agrees to the terms and conditions in the Fast Track Contract
  • Their proposal
  • A certificate of insurance in the amount and types required by the fast track contract

If the amount of the proposal is $25,000 or more, but less than $50,000, the department must also provide Purchasing with either a request for competitive exception, or two (2) informal quotes for goods or two (2) informal proposals for services. The supplier must register as a UNLV supplier to do business with UNLV.

If the contract is eligible, no UNLV signatures will be required, no further negotiation will be needed, and the supplier will be notified of acceptance by receipt of a UNLV purchase order.