Why are there General Education requirements?

Great question! We have a whole page dedicated to explaining how General Education benefits you and your education.

What classes do I have to take to fulfill my General Education requirements?

To fulfill your General Education requirements, you must complete the General Education Core requirements , the Distribution requirements, the Multicultural and International requirements, the Milestone Experience, and the Culminating Experience. Follow the links to find out more about each requirement.

Who do I talk to about what courses to take?

Your advisor is always your best resource if you have questions about which courses to take and when to take them. Check the advising website to find your Advising Center and to meet the university's advisors.

Can I petition to waive a general education requirement or to count a currently unapproved class to fulfill one of UNLV's general education requirements?

Yes! If an enrolled undergraduate student has a compelling reason for petitioning for a general education waiver or to count a currently unapproved class as fulfilling a UNLV general education requirement, they can complete the General Education Student Petition Form. Follow the directions to fill out and submit the petition form, and be sure to include any supporting material that could help to document your request. Your petition will be routed to the Faculty Senate General Education Committee for review and adjudication, and you will be notified of the Committee's decision in a timely manner.

What is the First-Year Seminar (FYS)?

The First-Year Seminar is a 2-3-credit course that satisfies a General Education Core requirement. It introduces students to the UULOs and the university's academic expectations.

What is the Second-Year Seminar (SYS)?

The Second-Year Seminar is a 3-credit course that satisfies a General Education Core requirement. In the seminar, students explore contemporary issues through the reading of literature and the application of the University Undergraduate Learning Outcomes.

What are the University Undergraduate Learning Outcomes (UULOs)?

The UULOs are the five learning outcomes that are used to define expectations for all UNLV graduates. They are 1) intellectual breadth and lifelong learning; 2) inquiry and critical thinking; 3) communication; 4) global/multicultural; and 5) citizenship and ethics. Every curricular and co-curricular activity at UNLV incorporates one or more of these UULOs to engage students and help them be successful during and after college. For specifics, check out official descriptions of each University Undergraduate Learning Outcome.

What is the Milestone requirement for my major?

The Milestone requirement is different for every major. Currently, departments are still in the process of designing a Milestone requirement for their majors.

What is the Culminating Experience for my major?

The Culminating Experience is different for every major. Currently, departments are still in the process of designing a Culminating Experience for their majors.

Do I have to take any classes during a specific year or semester?

Some General Education requirements, such as the First-Year Seminar and the Second-Year Seminar must be satisfied before you complete a certain number of credits. Other requirements, such as the Second-Year Seminar, have prerequisites which you must complete before you can fulfill the requirement. Be sure to meet with your advisor to plan when you should complete each General Education requirement.