The Distribution requirement satisfies 18-19 of the required General Education semester credits. Distribution courses provide attainment of the Intellectual Breadth and Lifelong Learning University Undergraduate Learning Outcome. By taking courses in multiple disciplines, students develop the intellectual breadth needed to participate fully in today's complex, multicultural and technological global civilization.

To meet the Distribution requirement, students must complete coursework in three distribution content areas. The three distribution content areas are: (1) Humanities and Fine Arts, (2) Social Sciences, and (3) Life and Physical Sciences and Analytical Thinking.

Students automatically satisfy one Distribution Content Area when they complete their major course requirements. Please see the table of "Majors and Their Distribution Area Assignments" at the bottom of the "General Education" section in the UNLV Undergraduate Catalog to see which distribution content area each major satisfies.

Students satisfy the other two Distribution content areas by satisfactorily completing three courses (typically 9-10 credits) in each of two areas outside their major area of study. Check the Distribution content area table below to find out what courses to take to satisfy the Distribution requirements.

Distribution Content Areas

Distribution Requirements: Two courses (3 credits each) from two different humanities areas and one introductory or appreciation course (3 credits) from a fine arts area. Courses used to satisfy the First-Year Seminar, Second-Year Seminar, English Composition, or Constitution requirements may not be used to satisfy Humanities distribution requirements.

  • AAD 201: History of the Built Environment/Discussion
African American Studies
  • AAS 232/HIST 232: History of Africa III
  • AAS 290/ENG 290: Introduction to African-American Literature (also satisfies Multicultural requirement)
  • AAS 291/ENG 291: Slave Narratives, Literature, and Imagery (also satisfies Multicultural requirement)
  • AAS 432/HIST 433: African-American Literature (also satisfies Multicultural requirement)
  • AAS 491/ENG 495A: Early African-American Literature (also satisfies Multicultural requirement)
  • AAS 492/ENG 495B: Modern African-American Literature (also satisfies Multicultural requirement)
American Indian and Indigenous Studies
  • AIIS 260/HIST 260: Introduction to Native American HIstory (also satisfies Multicultural requirement)
  • AIIS 438A/HIST 438A: American Indian History to 1851(also satisfies Multicultural requirement)
  • AIIS 438B/HIST 438B: American Indian History since 1852
  • AIIS 440/HIST 440: Regions in American Indian History
  • AIIS 494A/ENG 494A: Native American Literature (also satisfies Multicultural requirement)
Asian American Studies
  • AIS 478A/HIST 478A/RST 470/HIST 678A: Islamic and Middle Eastern History to 1750
Any World Languages and Cultures (WLC) Class
  • This includes ALL Chinese (CHI), French (FRE), German (GER), Greek (GRE), Hebrew (HEB), Italian (ITAL), Japanese (JPN), Latin (LAT), and Spanish (SPAN) language classes. 
    • ALL WLC classes also simultaneously satisfy UNLV’s International General Education requirement.
Communication Studies
  • COM 101: Oral Communication
  • COM 211: Survey of Rhetorical Studies
  • COM 216: Survey of Communication Studies
English - Any English Literature Course
  • ENG 203: Introduction to Literacy Study
  • ENG 231: World Literature I (also satisfies Second Year Seminar)
  • ENG 231E: World Literature for Exploring Majors (also satisfies Second Year Seminar)
  • ENG 231S: World Literature for the Sciences (also satisfies Second Year Seminar)
  • ENG 232: World Literature II (also satisfies Second Year Seminar)
  • ENG 232A: World Literature for the School of Architecture (also satisfies Second Year Seminar)
  • ENG 235: Survey of English Literature I
  • ENG 236: Survey of English Literature II
  • ENG 241: Survey of American Literature I
  • ENG 242: Survey of American Literature II
  • ENG 243: Introduction to the Short Story
  • ENG 252: Introduction to Drama 
  • ENG 253: Introduction to Contemporary Drama 
  • ENG 261: Introduction to Poetry 
  • ENG 271: Introduction to Shakespeare
  • ENG 275: Contemporary Literature
  • ENG 278: Readings in the Contemporary Novel
  • ENG 290/AAS 290: Introduction to African-American Literature (also satisfies Multicultural requirement)
  • ENG 291/AAS 291: Slave Narratives, Literature, and Imagery (also satisfies Multicultural requirement)
  • ENG 292: Introduction to Chicano Literature (also satisfies Multicultural requirement)
  • ENG 303: Introduction to Literary Theory and Criticism
  • ENG 423A: Modern Literature
  • ENG 425A/ENG 625A: Themes of Literature
  • ENG 426A/ENG 626A: Religion and Literature
  • ENG 426B/ENG 626B: Mythology
  • ENG 427B/ENG 627B: Gender and Literature 
  • ENG 429A/ENG 629A: Early American Humor 
  • ENG 429B/ENG 629B: Modern American Humor
  • ENG 429C/ENG 629C: Literature of the American West
  • ENG 430A/ENG 630A: Major Figures in British Literature
  • ENG 432A/ENG 632A: Chaucer
  • ENG 434A/ENG 634A: Shakespeare-Tragedies
  • ENG 434B/ENG 634B: Shakespeare-Comedies and Histories
  • ENG 435A/ENG 635A: Milton
  • ENG 436A/ENG 636A: Major Figures in American Literature 
  • ENG 440A/ENG 640A: Medieval English Literature 
  • ENG 440B/WMST 440B/ENG 640B: Gender and Early Literature 
  • ENG 441A/ENG 641A: The Renaissance
  • ENG 441B/WMST 441B/ENG 641B: Gender and Renaissance Literature 
  • ENG 442A/ENG 642A: The Seventeenth Century
  • ENG 443A/ENG 643A: Restoration and Augustan Literature 
  • ENG 443C/ENG 643C: Later Eighteenth-Century Literature 
  • ENG 444B/ENG 644B: The Romantic Poets
  • ENG 445B/ENG 645B: Victorian Poetry
  • ENG 445C/ENG 645C: Nineteenth-Century Prose Writers
  • ENG 446A/ENG 646A: Modern British Literature
  • ENG 446B/WMST 466B/ENG 646B: Gender and Modern British Literature
  • ENG 449A: British Literature I
  • ENG 449B: British Literature II
  • ENG 451A: American Literature I
  • ENG 451B: American Literature II
  • ENG 452A/ENG 652A: American Literature, 1620-1800
  • ENG 452B/ENG 652B: American Literature, 1800-1865
  • ENG 453A/ENG 653B: American Literature, 1865-1918
  • ENG 453B/ENG 653B: American Literature, 1918-Present
  • ENG 454B/WMST 454B/ENG 654B: Gender and Modern American Literature
  • ENG 460/ENG 660: The American Short Story
  • ENG 460A/ENG 660A: Heroic Epic
  • ENG 461A/ENG 661A: The Study of Poetry and Poetics
  • ENG 462A/ENG 662A: Modern British Poetry
  • ENG 462C/ENG 662C: Modern American Poetry
  • ENG 463A/CLA 450/ENG 663A: Classical Drama in Translation 
  • ENG 464A/ENG 664A: English Drama to 1642
  • ENG 465B/ENG 664B/ENG 665B: Restoration and Eighteenth-Century Drama 
  • ENG 466A/ENG 666A: Nineteenth-Century Drama
  • ENG 467A/ENG 667A: Modern British Drama
  • ENG 467B/ENG 667B: Modern American Drama
  • ENG 470A/ENG 670A: The British Novel I
  • ENG 470B/ENG 670B: The British Novel II
  • ENG 471A/ENG 671A: Modern English Novel
  • ENG 471B/ENG 671B: Contemporary English Novel
  • ENG 473A/ENG 673A: The Early American Novel
  • ENG 473B/ENG 673B: The Modern American Novel
  • ENG 473C/ENG 673C: The Contemporary American Novel
  • ENG 477A/FILM 495: Film and Literature
  • ENG 477B/FILM 496: The American Hero in Film and Literature
  • ENG 481A: Comparative Literature
  • ENG 481B: Modern Comparative Literature
  • ENG 484A/ENG 684A: The Bible as Literature
  • ENG 485A/AIS 485A: Asian Literature
  • ENG 491B/ENG 691B: Environmental Literature
  • ENG 494A/AIIS 494A: Native-American Literature (also satisfies Multicultural requirement)
  • ENG 495A/AAS 491/ENG 695A: Early African-American Literature (also satisfies Multicultural requirements)
  • ENG 495B/AAS 492/ENG 695B: Modern African-American Literature (also satisfies Multicultural requirement)
  • ENG 496A/LAS 496A: Themes in Modern Chicano Literature (also satisfies Multicultural requirement)
  • ENG 496D/LAS 496D: Contemporary Latino/a Literature (also satisfies Multicultural requirement)
Any History (Hist) Class
Any Philosophy (PHIL) Class Except PHIL 102, PHIL 105, or PHIL 114
Women’s Studies - Any Women’s Studies Class Cross-Listed With Humanities
  • WMST 247/PHIL 247: Philosophy of Feminism
  • WMST 401J/HIST 452/PSC 401J: Women in Politics
  • WMST 427B/ENG 427B: Gender and Literature
  • WMST 432A/HIST 432A/WMST 632A: History of American Women to 1870
  • WMST 432B/HIST 432B/WMST 632B: History of American Women to 1870
  • WMST 440B/ENG 440B: Gender and Early Literature
  • WMST 441B/ENG 441B: Gender and Renaissance Literature
  • WMST 446B/446B: Gender and Modern British Literature
  • WMST 454B/ENG 454B: Gender and Modern American Literature
  • WMST 491B/HIST 491B: Women in Medieval Culture and Society
  • WMST 492A/HIST 492A: Women in Early Modern Europe
  • WMST 492B/HIST 492B: Women's Role in European History, 1750-1970
  • WMST 495/HIST 495: Special Topics in Gender and History

  • AAE 100/LAND 100: Introduction to Architecture
  • AAI 100/LAND 100: Introduction to Interior Design
African-American Studies
  • AAS 166/DAN 166: Survey of African-American Dance (also satisfies Multicultural requirement)
  • ART 101: Drawing I 
  • ART 107: Design Fundamentals I
  • ART 135: Photography I
  • ART 160: Art Appreciation 
  • ART 211: Beginning Ceramics I
  • ART 212: Beginning Ceramics II
  • ART 216: Sculpture I
  • ART 260: Survey of Art History I
  • ART 261: Survey of Art History II (also satisfies International requirement)
  • DAN 101: Dance Appreciation 
  • DAN 103: Sex, Dance and Entertainment
  • DAN 104: Appreciation of Dance in Broadway and Film Musicals
  • DAN 166/AAS 166: Survey of African American Dance (also satisfies Multicultural requirement)
  • DAN 369: Design for Dance
  • FILM 100: Introduction to Film 
  • FILM 110: Language of Film
  • HON 420: Special Topics Seminars-Fine Arts
Land Architecture
  • LAND 100: Introduction to Landscape Architecture
  • MUS 101: Music Fundamentals
  • MUS 121: Music Appreciation (also satisfies Multicultural requirement)
  • MUS 121 CSN: CSN Class @UNLV-Freshman Academy 
  • MUS 125: History of Rock Music 
  • MUS 125CSN: History of Rock Music
  • MUS 129: Sex and Violence in Opera
  • MUS 134: Jazz Appreciation (also satisfies Multicultural requirement)
  • THTR 100: Introduction to Theatre (also satisfies International requirement)
  • THTR 105: Introduction to Acting I
  • THTR 124: Introduction to Gay Plays (also satisfies Multicultural requirement)
  • THTR 175: Introduction to Musical Theater Literature

Distribution Requirements: Two courses from the life and physical sciences (at least one of which must be a laboratory course), typically for a total of seven credits, and one three-credit course in analytical thinking.

Any Astronomy (AST) Class
  • ANTH 102: Introduction to Biological Anthropology
  • ANTH 110L: Introductory Biological Anthropology Lab
Any Biology (BIOL) Class
Any Chemistry (CHEM) Class Except CHEM 103 and 108
Engineering Experience
  • EGG 100: People and Technology
Environmental Science
  • ENV 101: Introduction to Environmental Science
  • ENV 220: Introduction to Ecological Principles
Any Geography (GEOG) Class
Any Geology (GEOL) Class
  • KIN 223/BIOL 223: Human Anatomy and Physiology I
  • KIN 224/BIOL 224: Human Anatomy and Physiology II
  • NUTR 121: Human Nutrition
Any Physics (PHYS) Class
  • SCI 150: Modern Biology for Wildland Fire Personnel I

Communication Studies
  • COM 104: Critical Thinking in Public Argument 
  • COM 217: Argumentation and Debate

FIN 111: Financial Literacy I - Achieving Financial Independence

  • PHIL 102: Critical Thinking and Reasoning
Journalism and Media Studies
  • JOUR 113: Digital Information Literacy

One course each from three different fields for a total of 9 credits. Courses used to satisfy the Constitutions requirement may not be used to meet Social Sciences distribution requirements.

Any African American Studies (AAS) Class Except AAS Courses Cross-Listed With Dance (DAN), English (ENG), or History (HIST)
Any Anthropology (ANTH) Class Except ANTH 102
American Indian and Indigenous Studies
  • AIIS 301/ANTH 301:Peoples and Cultures of Native North America (also satisfies Multicultural requirement)
Counselor Education

CED 117:Interpersonal Skills in Human Services

Civil Engineering
  • CEE 307:Engineering Economics
Counseling and Family Therapy
  • CFT 150:Personal Growth
  • CFT 350:Human Sexuality
  • CFT 360:Contemporary Marriage and Families
Communication Studies
  • COM 102:Introduction to Interpersonal Communication
Criminal Justice
  • CRJ 104:Introduction to Administration of Justice
  • CRJ 270:Introduction to Criminology
  • CRJ 435:Jury Decision-Making
  • CRJ 436/CRJ 636:Sociology of Law
  • CRJ 438:Social Inequality and Crime
  • CRJ 469/PSY 469:Psychology and the Legal System
Any Economics (ECON) Class Except ECON 261, ECON 262, or ECON 441
Educational Psychology
  • EPY 303: Educational Psychology
  • GAM 442/SOC 442: Sociology of Gambling (also satisfies Multicultural requirement)
Journalism and Media Studies
  • JOUR 107: All Things Media: Foundations
Latin American Studies
  • LAS 101: Introduction to Latin American Studies (also satisfies International requirement)
Public Health
  • PBH 165: Personal Health Across the Lifespan
  • PBH 429/HED 629: Education for Sexuality
  • PBH 435/HED 635: Health Studies On Dangerous Drugs
Any Political Science (PSC) Class Except Those Cross Listed With Humanities or Fine Arts
Any Psychology (PSY) Class Except PSY 210 and PSY 406
Social Work
  • SW 101: Introduction to Social Work
Any Sociology (SOC) Class Except SOC 404
Any Women’s Studies (WMST) Class Except Those Cross-Listed With Humanities or Fine Arts
All Statistics Courses Are Excluded