Digital Learning Initiative

The Digital Fellows Project, sponsored by the Association of Chief Academic Officers and the Gates Foundation, uses digital courseware to support student success initiatives. It is part of UNLV's Digital Learning Initiative, which aims to use two digital programs to improve achievement for students who want to enter fields in science, technology, engineering and math. The first program is a student training program called Science of Learning to Learn (SoLTL), which helps students to recognize and apply more effective learning strategies. The second program is Assessment and Learning in Knowledge Spaces (ALEKS), a web-based assessment and learning program that helps students and instructors determine how well a student knows the material taught in a course, and to track progress. The Digital Learning Initiative in its first phase focuses on the effect of SoLTL on student success among those who did not successfully master the college readiness course Math 95 and need to retake it before they can enter College Math 120. The second phase uses ALEKS performance data to determine successful behavior patterns predictive of student achievement. Successfully leveraging of the two digital learning tools is expected to help students move more efficiently into college-level math and contribute to improved retention and graduation rates, and reduce student debt.

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The Collaborative on Academic Careers in Higher Education (COACHE) is based in the Graduate School of Education at Harvard University and is a consortium of over 200 academic institutions that aim to improve the work lives of faculty. Using evidence-based questions, COACHE administers a faculty satisfaction survey as a neutral, third party. The results are provided in a Provost Report with comparisons to other participating institutions.

Faculty Length of Service Recognition Program

The Faculty Length of Service Recognition Program recognizes the ten-, twenty-, thirty-, forty-, and fifty-year service milestones of UNLV’s dedicated academic and administrative faculty members. Those attaining the ten-year milestone receive a commemorative pin to mark the important occasion. Long-serving faculty who complete twenty, thirty, forty, and fifty years of service are honored at a special reception, where they receive a medallion to be worn at commencement ceremonies and similar events.

Leaders Forum

Leaders Forum is a conference style leadership development program specifically designed to address the most pressing policy, procedural, and leadership development needs of the UNLV academic administration community.

Lincy and Angel Scholars

Through the generosity of UNLV supporters in the Las Vegas business and philanthropic community, two types of professorships — Lincy Professorships and Angel Scholars — have been created to promote and support the excellent research and educational contributions of prominent UNLV faculty.

Faculty Activity Tracking (UNLV Folio)

UNLV Folio is the University’s new information management system for administrative reviews. Within its secure and convenient web-based environment, UNLV Folio provides a database and reporting tool for faculty members to document their scholarly achievements along with a workflow module for university administrators to manage a variety of review processes, including annual evaluations and promotion and tenure reviews. It also incorporates a personal document curation platform for faculty to maintain their scholarly materials.

Faculty Diversity Hiring Program

The Faculty Diversity Hiring Program is a joint effort of the Office of the Executive Vice President & Provost and the Office of Diversity Initiatives. The program, launched in FY14, is designed to increase the diversity of applicant pools for academic faculty searches through an intentional process. A department constructs a search plan that includes (1) demographic goals based on existing data for the disciplinary field in question, and (2) a recruitment strategy for underrepresented faculty.

Mentoring Groups for Faculty, Instructors, and Academic Professionals

Mentoring Groups complement existing mentoring pairs in the departments by offering multiple mentoring experiences to early-career UNLV academics. Mentoring groups provide collegial support and professional development opportunities for faculty, instructors and academic professionals in many higher education contexts. UNLV’s program responds to significant findings from research on the beneficial impact of such groups on professional development in higher education.

Leadership Development Academy

One of the key roles of the Provost is identifying and developing campus leaders who are capable of guiding the University toward its identified goals. The Leadership Development Academy is a proactive, inclusive, and engaged approach to the development of future leaders at UNLV.

Lithium at UNLV

Geologists, engineers, and others at UNLV are currently undertaking active research that directly links with the goal of increased lithium production in Nevada, linking with a drive to ensure that the lithium-ion batteries produced within the state are produced in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner. More about lithium research.

Cybersecurity at UNLV

UNLV aims to address the lack of a skilled cybersecurity professionals by working with local industry in the creation of a cybersecurity program at the undergraduate and graduate levels.