The Culminating Experience is a final review, consolidation, and assessment of the University Undergraduate Learning Outcomes as well as the learning outcomes of a student's major.

Each college and/or department is currently in the process of identifying and implementing a culminating experience for their majors.

The Culminating Experience is an assessable outcome and may take a variety of forms. For example, a culminating experience could consist of one or more of the following or could be uniquely defined by a program:

  • An original undergraduate research project
  • A designated capstone course
  • Developing an e-portfolio of artistic or scholarly work completed over a student's college career
  • A required internship or service learning project with an academic component that requires development and presentation of a report
  • Standardized exam questions from a course or courses
  • A professional licensor exam

Students should complete the culminating experience in their last year before graduation.

Please see departmental catalogs or web-site listings for major-specific information about the culminating experience.