Mission Statement

The mission of the new UNLV Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR-UNLV) is to inspire, support, and nurture undergraduates in their efforts to discover, innovate, create, and experience research here at UNLV. The goals of OUR-UNLV are to:


  • Elevate the role of undergraduate research in UNLV’s Top Tier aspirations
  • Raise and manage funds to support undergraduate research and promote UNLV undergraduate research as a sound and impactful investment
  • Capture and disseminate data on the impacts of undergraduate research at UNLV


  • Effectively foster reciprocal partnerships with our campus community, other NSHE institutions and our community partners
  • Increase the number of undergraduate and faculty engaged in mentoring and collaborative research


  • Encourage and support our underrepresented and underserved students, with a purposeful commitment to valuing identity and diversity and ensuring equity, access, and social justice
  • Connect OUR-UNLV undergraduates to real-world experience and opportunities to work in teams and serve in leadership roles


  • Create and coordinate effective and best practices training for undergraduate skill building and professional development
  • Highlight and foster a diversity of research opportunities and links to recruitment

Research Opportunities

There are a variety of research experience options on our campus that vary by discipline. Remember, you can try several different kinds of research experiences; this is a great way to get a more global academic perspective and interdisciplinary training. Also, if you are not quite sure of your career plans (and even if you are), sampling various research opportunities is an effective strategy for crafting your professional aspirations. UNLV research opportunities include:

  • community-based research and internships
  • competitive design teams
  • creative arts composition
  • field based
  • laboratory benchwork
  • library, museum, and archival studies
  • modeling and computation
  • studio and performance arts

Commitment to Client-Centered Services

The OUR-UNLV team is committed to providing professional and engaged service to our campus and community partners. How do we do this? We practice a client relationship model of “yes, and”, an ethos born from comedy improv training and supported by UNLV. Saying yes to our client’s contributions and challenges means we accept and do not negate other’s ideas and that we fully commit to an interactive and transparent process within which together we build, create, and solve.

Welcome from the Director Advisory Council

Commitment to Diversity and Equity

UNLV is an internationally recognized urban research institution that reflects our lively and diverse Las Vegas community. OUR-UNLV is devoted to fostering and supporting a caring campus community who purposefully merits and respects identity and diversity broadly conceptualized, and aspires to nurture students to grow as engaged, valued, and culturally competent local and global citizens. We match this dedication to championing the underserved with an unwavering commitment to equity and social justice. OUR-UNLV will ensure equitable access to resources for students and faculty involved in research activities.