Outstanding Faculty Mentor Award

The Outstanding Faculty Mentor Award recognizes UNLV faculty members with a record of excellence in inspiring, influencing, supporting, and mentoring undergraduate researchers in their professional development, career training, and educational journey. OUR proudly presents the Outstanding Faculty Mentor Award to align with UNLV’s commitment to excellence in teaching and research, and to celebrate faculty-driven, student-centered, and institutionally supported research education efforts at UNLV. OUR will consider the nominee’s record regarding their contribution to and impact on research education.


To be nominated for OUR’s Outstanding Mentor Award, faculty must:

  1. Be tenured, tenure-track, or faculty-in-residence with a demonstrated record of undergraduate student mentorship
  2. Document evidence of significant contribution to advancing undergraduate research at UNLV
  3. Present examples of mentored students’ publications, presentations, scholarships, awards, and funds involving students

Nomination Process

Faculty may be nominated by student mentees, other faculty, or administrators

Application Process & Deadline

The nomination package should include the following as a single document:

  1. Nomination form
  2. One-page statement of mentoring philosophy with specific examples
  3. Two letters of support: One from the nominee’s department chair and one from a student mentee, describing specific examples of nominee’s contribution to research education