woman in blue scrubs holding a baby
People | September 28, 2023

Nursing's Alumna of the Year opens free-standing birth center to provide a home-like environment for women in labor.

two students using laptops in classroom
Campus News | September 27, 2023

The undergraduate course helps the next generation of decisionmakers analyze prison and parole systems function.

Medical student Cameron Harris (center) on Allegiant Stadium's sideline with Raiders chief medical officer, Dr. Navdeep Singh (left), and team president, Sandra Douglass Morgan (right).
Business and Community | September 26, 2023

Cameron Harris' career choice in orthopaedic surgery is reinforced after completing sports medicine clinical rotation with the Raiders.

man with folded arms
People | September 26, 2023

The College of Liberal Arts Alumnus of the Year went from being uncertain about the future of his education to being one of the top residential real estate agents in the Las Vegas Valley.

UNLV Experts In The News

Science News
September 29, 2023

Progressive healthcare providers have begun to incorporate hospitality principles into their operations. This includes the design of more welcoming arrival environments and pre-registration.

Associated Press
September 29, 2023

It started as a crude sketch — a circle with a stick person inside. Seven years later, that drawing has been made real: A $2.3 billion massive spherical venue standing 366 feet high and lighting up the Las Vegas skyline.

September 29, 2023

When Sen. Chuck Schumer quietly relaxed the U.S. Senate’s dress code, supposedly to accommodate Sen. John Fetterman’s desire to wear hooded sweatshirts and gym shorts, the backlash was swift.

woman poses with arms crossed in front of flashlight sculpture
People | September 25, 2023

Safiyya Bintali will attend Educause’s annual conference and network with technology professionals to further her IT career goals.

six colorful macarons
Arts and Culture | September 25, 2023

The Department of Art MFA cohort shares their recent work exploring a wide range of formal and conceptual concerns at the UNR Student South Galleries through Oct. 16.

woman holding megaphone in front of face
People | September 25, 2023

Full of contagious school spirit, the new associate vice president of Student Life brings her passion for higher education to UNLV.

woman in colorful outfit in front of yellow background
People | September 21, 2023

Making her way from the sugar beet fields of Idaho to the stage of a professional opera company — the College of Fine Arts Alumna of the Year is out to prove the genre is for everyone.

UNLV School of Architecture professor Glenn NP Nowak
Business and Community | September 21, 2023

Hospitality design expert Glenn NP Nowak on the tech-loaded Sphere’s impact on Strip and residential architecture, and how UNLV is prepping the next generation of creators.

Recent Accomplishments

On Sept. 27, Susan Lee Johnson (History) shared a Denver stage with librarian and genealogist Charlene Garcia Simms to discuss the life of nuevomexicana Josefa Jaramillo as part of History Colorado's "Bold Women. Change History." lecture series.
Andre Chiang, DMA, PAVA-RV (Music - Voice) presented a workshop at the Hybrid Pan American Vocology Association (PAVA) Symposium. The workshop was titled, "Opening the Lower Range for Voice Users Using the 'Moan'." The audience for the symposium is international in scope and appeals to all vocology adjacent fields such as speech-language…
Brett Abarbanel (International Gaming Institute, Hospitality) and Alan Feldman (International Gaming Institute) were awarded a charitable grant from ESPN/Walt Disney Company to study, educate, and advise the global community on aspects of sports betting and the media. Research will underpin evidence-based recommendations for responsibly…
Woman reads tablet while sitting in chair next to a window

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