News: College of Education

Principal Kathleen Decker leads the school's morning routine next to an American flag.
People | April 29, 2015
Alumna Kathleen Decker turns around a struggling elementary by reaching out beyond the school grounds.
Clayton Rhodes, seated, talks with friends
Campus News | April 24, 2015
New UNLV program helps students with intellectual disabilities gain college experience.
Cover of Ad Week magazine featuring Kim Kardashian holding a pair of pixelated sun glasses
Arts and Culture | March 23, 2015
Thursday's University Forum lecture dives into artistic integrity and social media. Join the discussion with local arts group leaders on the DIY social movement, edupunks, and the fine line between Kim Kardashian and Radiohead.
Notebook with U.N.L.V. logo
Business and Community | January 13, 2015
Alternate route to teacher licensure program to begin June 2015 for military personnel interested in becoming local public school teachers.
UNLV Foundation
Campus News | December 12, 2014
Students and faculty thank UNLV donors for their support.
Research | November 4, 2014
New study finds no causal relationship between Internet use and problem gambling.
People | October 21, 2014
Don’t mess with Monica. She already has achieved her goal of earning a black belt in muay thai kickboxing.
Campus News | October 13, 2014
College of Education receives largest-ever gift from the estate of the late philanthropist Kitty Rodman for scholarships and graduate fellowships.
Campus News | September 29, 2014
Tara Leigh Myl, College of Education senior, honored by Nevada State Treasurer, UNLV President Donald Snyder.
Research | June 13, 2014
Various studies at UNLV explore how female veterans respond to stress, how faculty view student veterans, and what challenges lesbian soldiers face.
Campus News | May 13, 2014
Five UNLV graduates will be recognized by President Donald Snyder during spring commencement for their combination of academic excellence and service to the community.
Campus News | March 11, 2014
University’s top ranked graduate/specialty programs include Boyd Law School’s legal writing program at No. 3, dispute resolution at No. 9.