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By establishing partnerships across the university, the Academic Success Center (ASC) helps students achieve their educational goals and complete their studies on time. The ASC offers or refers students to programs and resources such as advising, career exploration, skills testing, tutoring, and more.

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Rimi Marwah sitting on the grass cross-legged and throwing a globe into the air
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In her 25 years at UNLV, the Urban Affairs advisor and administrator has influenced the future careers of hundreds of Rebels.

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Event organizers hope new program will ease student transition to collegiate life and instill a feeling of belonging.

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Professional development opportunity enables academic advisor Jacquee deJesus to better assist students with using campus technology.

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Jannie Nigoza will kick-start her career in Korea after working hard to earn the program grant.

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The senior coordinator of Supplemental Instruction and Tutoring rings in her first anniversary at the UNLV Academic Success Center.

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The associate vice provost for student success knows firsthand how providing opportunities and encouragement to students of all backgrounds can influence academic achievement.

Academic Success Center In The News


Take a step inside to a transformed world with peace and quiet. A safe space to gain the confidence to ace that speech, debate or comm class assignment.

Las Vegas Weekly

Cole Smithers, a senior psychology student at UNLV, stepped onto the debate stage with plans to rebuke his classmate’s well-trained arguments in favor of ​​single-payer national healthcare. Treading carefully, Smithers knew he had to refute that reasoning.


AREA15, the experiential retail and entertainment complex opening in 2020, introduces a series of guided meditation videos to encourage relaxation and amusement during quarantine.


With Valentine’s Day around the corner, love is in the air for many.

The sight of smooching couples may warm your heart, or turn your stomach.

U.S. News & World Report

Dr. Ming-Wei Wu drives his son and daughter to the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, and escorts them to and from classes.

Las Vegas Review Journal

The two Las Vegas siblings — 12-year-old Shenlone Wu and 13-year-old Shenmei Wu — are both full-time students at UNLV. They each have an IQ above 140, which is considered genius or near-genius level.

Recent Academic Success Center Accomplishments

Dave Beisecker (Philosophy) and Joseph Ervin (Academic Success Center) recently published their article, "American Hegelianism and its Impact on Indian Boarding School Policy," in Hegel Bulletin. The article is part of a special issue devoted to Racism and Colonialism in Hegel, which will be the subject of a special panel and workshop sponsored by…
Tashauna Stewart (Business), Morgan Maunakea (Sciences), Maria Aladjova (Health Sciences), Al Hastings (Honors College), and Tiffany Schmier (Academic Success Center) are the winners of the 2022-23 UNLV Academic Advising Awards presented by the Office of the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education and the Academic Advising Council Leadership Team…
Kendall Hartley (Teaching and Learning), Emily Shreve and Dan Gianoutsos (both Academic Success Center), and Lisa Bendixen (Educational Psychology) have recently published their research on college student smartphone usage in relation to planning, studying, learning, and other self-regulatory skills. Hartley, K., Shreve, E., & Gianoutsos, D…
Maria Aladjova (Health Sciences), Elizabeth Johnson, Sheetal Survase (both Academic Success Center), Kevin McVay (College of Sciences), Janelle Yasukochi (Office of the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education), John Starkey, Stephen Sumnner, Tashauna Stewart, Jason Kantrowitz, and Beth Gersten (all Lee Business) all are part of the UNLV…
Elizabeth Johnson and Sheetal Survase (both Academic Success Center Advising Center) recently presented at the 2022 Region 9 NACADA Conference in Orange, California. Their presentation was titled "Coping During COVID-19: Examining Advising Effectiveness in Relation to an Advisor's Work Conditions." They shared their insights on ways to…
Jacquee De Jesus (Academic Success Center Advising Center) recently presented at the 2022 Region 9 NACADA Conference in Orange, California. Her presentation was titled "The IROH Approach to Academic Advising: Providing Mentorship and Guidance." She and her co-presenter, Derek Furukawa from the University of Hawaii at Manoa, shared how the IROH (…