Accomplishments: School of Dental Medicine

February 28, 2019
The School of Dental Medicine received one of Nevada Medical Center’s inaugural Eric M. Hilton Healthcare Collaboration awards, which recognizes organizations that find actionable and timely solutions for the state’s most pressing health care needs, with a particular focus on preventative care. The school earned the recognition for its community outreach programs.
February 28, 2019
Lacey Rahmig (Dental) accepted an invitation to return for a fourth consecutive year to the advisory board of the state’s dental sciences program, which provides high school students with first-hand looks at becoming dental assistants, hygienists, and dentists. First available during 2008 at Southwest Career and Technical Academy, the program has helped 320 students explore career options in dental sciences. Rahmig, who was nominated to the board by a faculty member in her master’s program, has...
February 26, 2019
Dr. Edward Lynch (Dental) accepted an invitation from the King Saud Dental School in Saudi Arabia to lead lectures and provide hands-on training for students earning their master’s degrees in prosthodontics. He also discussed the collaborative, clinical translational research to be conducted by the King Saud Dental School and the UNLV School of Dental Medicine. Dr. Lynch also accepted an appointment as academic editor of the Indian Academy of Oral Biology (IAOB). The IAOB is a non-profit,...
February 22, 2019
Drs. Ahmed Mohamed and Edward Lynch, along with pediatric resident Dr. Alice Trieu (all Dental) co-authored an article, "Silver Diamine Fluoride Versus Sodium Fluoride for Arresting Dentine Caries in Children: a Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis," which appears in the current issue of Scientific Reports, Nature. The article systematically reviewed the dentine caries arrest capabilities of silver diamine fluoride (SDF) and sodium fluoride (NaF). The research found SDF statistically more...
February 21, 2019
Drs. Neamat Hassan and Hassan Ziada (both Dental) co-authored an article, "Implant impression Accuracy of Parallel and Non-parallel Implants: A Comparative In-vitro Analysis of Open and Closed Tray Techniques," which appeared in the International Journal of Implant Dentistry’s online version. The study concluded there were generally no significant differences between open and closed, although better results were obtained for the open tray techniques. The open tray technique also provided a...
February 11, 2019
UNLV School of Dental Medicine hosted professor XiaoDong Chen and students Yifan Wang, Yunbo Wang, and Zhang Xi from Nankai University in Tainjin, China, to participate in lectures, learn about evidence-based education, and observe the delivery of dental care. The two institutions established a collaborative relationship during 2012 designed to promote an exchange of information and further Nankai University’s goal of obtaining international accreditation. January’s visit marks the sixth since...
February 6, 2019
Dr. Robin E. Reinke (Dental) has published her point/counterpoint paper "Should the U.S. Adopt a National Dental Clinical Licensure Examination? Two Viewpoints" in the Journal of Dental Education with co-authors Drs. Joseph Gambacorta, Natalie Jeong, Mary MacDougall, Riki Gottleib, and Jeffrey Price. This is the product of the year-long American Dental Education Association Leadership Institute Fellowship.
February 5, 2019
Dr. Elena Farfel (Dental) has published her study "Propolis of Caffeic Acid Phenethyl Ester (CAPE) Inhibits Growth and Viability in Multiple Oral Cancer Cell Lines" in the International Journal of Medical and Biomedical Studies with co-authors Whitney Saarem, Fang Yu Wang, and Karl Kingsley (all Dental).
January 22, 2019
Dr. Edward Lynch (Dental) accepted an invitation to speak during the annual Saudi International Dental Conference in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. During the three-day conference, he lectured about evidenced-based operative dentistry and provided updates about the latest methods for providing more effective clinical dentistry. He then visited the King Saud University Dental School where he shared results from a UNLV systematic review and meta analysis of the use of silver diamine fluoride to treat...
January 16, 2019
Jeffrey Ebersole (Dental) co-authored “Biologic Modeling of Periodontal Disease Progression,” which determined the synergistic utility of bacterial and inflammatory biomarkers from saliva, serum, and plaque in predicting disease progression. The article appeared in the January 10 issue of the Journal of Clinical Periodontology.
January 3, 2019
Mark Whiting and Karl Kingsley (both Dental) published their manuscript "Expression of microRNA miR-27, miR-124 and miR-218 Among Dental Pulp Stem Cell (DPSC) Isolates" in the journal Current Research in Dentistry. 
December 21, 2018
Jeffrey Ebersole (Dental) and Arpita Basu (Kinesiology and Nutrition Sciences) co-authored “Serum Nutrient Levels and Aging Effects on Periodontitis,” which suggests that improving specific nutrient intake may provide a novel strategy to affect the significant increase in periodontitis that occurs with aging. The article appeared in the December issue of Nutrients.