News: Howard R. Hughes College of Engineering

Ryan Sherman
People | October 31, 2016
Being a civil engineer definitely is a cool profession, according to Sherman. After all, sometimes you get to blow things up.
Katelyn DiBenedetto holds an arrowhead
Research | October 20, 2016
From finances to energy, health care, and more, UNLV graduate student researchers are asking important questions about America’s future.
Diane Chase shakes hands after signing agreement with Scott Jones
Business and Community | October 11, 2016
Under a master agreement, UNLV will provide services to Lockheed Martin that support NASA’s Orion program and other space exploration projects.
Vamsee Pamula
People | September 29, 2016
When Vamsee Pamula, ’92 MS Electrical Engineering, sees chances to apply his big brain to business opportunities, he takes the leap. His latest venture is a daring moneymaker — and a potential life saver.
woman jogging on indoor track
Research | September 1, 2016
Smartwatches that help you track daily steps and heart rate? That’s old hat, according to UNLV researchers who have recently licensed their latest patent for a fitness tracker that makes calorie-counting as easy as taking a picture.
Chase Northrup with his mother Nancy
People | August 18, 2016
A future aerospace engineer and son of UNLV alumni.
Student jogs in indoor facility
Business and Community | August 3, 2016
MealCheck Technologies, Inc. will produce the UNLV invention, which combines the best of existing fitness-monitoring devices to make dieting or staying healthy easier than ever.
Mario Verduzco
People | July 27, 2016
Engineering student turns study abroad experience into internship that taught him the value of improvising.
commencement ceremony
Campus News | May 12, 2016
UNLV has a commencement tradition for the president to honor a few exceptional students who embody the academic, research, and community impact of the graduating class.
Walter C. Vodrazka Jr.
Campus News | May 10, 2016
Advice from Walter C. Vodrazka Jr., Howard R. Hughes College of Engineering Alumnus of the Year
Kristina Swallow
People | April 29, 2016
Graduate Kristina Swallow would be the first Nevadan to hold the top position with the American Society of Civil Engineers.
Marian Mason
People | April 25, 2016
The Engineering College’s internship and career services coordinator brings her passions full circle in new role