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Campus News | January 26, 2015
Public invited to meet UNLV historians, archivists, and subjects of new book on pioneering women who shifted boundaries of women's employment in Las Vegas.
The jumpsuit may have originated as standard issue for airplane pilots in WWII, but its constant reinvention proves that utilitarian comfort can mesh with haute couture. This early piece by French designer — and Sidney favorite — Thierry Mugler features patch pockets and a drawstring waist but is made with hand-printed silk. (R. Marsh Starks/UNLV Photo Services)
Arts and Culture | December 7, 2014
The Dec. 8 University Forum Lecture explores fundamental themes in 20th Century fashion.
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Business and Community | November 13, 2014
Exhibit explores history between the Culinary Workers Union, Local 226 and the City of Las Vegas.
Arts and Culture | October 28, 2014
Three-part documentary exploring the advancement of women in the state over the past 100 years to air on Vegas PBS.
Business and Community | October 23, 2014
Historian Michael Green on some of our greatest (depending on how you look at it) political leaders.
Two women measuring a coat on a mannequin.
Arts and Culture | September 16, 2014
With the help of clothing connoisseur Corinne Sidney, UNLV graduate students get a lesson in fashion and history. Take a peek inside her legendary closet.
Business and Community | September 11, 2014
Professor Lynn Comella hits on the highlights of the city's brothel history — from the rise of Block 16 to the raid on Roxie's.
Business and Community | September 3, 2014
Here's how McCarran went from a dusty stop on the Transcontinental Airmail Route to a major international airport.
People | August 19, 2014
Here's a touching story from our archives about beloved professor Hal Rothman's losing battle with ALS. It's worth a read even if you didn't know his prolific work.
Campus News | August 6, 2014
Area 51, global climate change, archaeology and American fashion among topics discussed at free public lectures.
Business and Community | April 2, 2014
From Mark Twain to Hank Greenspun, Nevada journalists both recorded history and changed it. Alumnus and historian Michael Green lists his favorites.
Business and Community | March 12, 2014
From ending discriminatory practices to shedding light on education and social issues, Nevada women have challenged the status quo and made Nevada a better place.