Topic: first-generation student

People | August 20, 2013
College once seemed so unobtainable to academic advisor John Starkey. He'll share his inspiring story of rising from poverty with incoming freshmen this week.
Research | August 21, 2012
William on mentoring, the relationship between humans and flies, and how they both will make him a better doctor.
Research | August 21, 2012
Tiffany on research and why there might be more to the relationship adage "in sickness and in health" than we thought.
Research | August 21, 2012
Julienne demystifies microbiology and talks about the road from Durango High to M.D. by way of China.
Research | August 21, 2012
Carmen on starving bacteria and the transition from art student to biologist.
People | July 17, 2012
Administrative assistant Isabelle Johnson recently was named as the President's Classified Employee of the Year. Read about how she’s gone above and beyond the basics of her job.
People | June 28, 2011
Beatriz was a good student but college seemed impossible. Then UNLV and the Millennium Scholarship came along.
People | June 23, 2011
Graduate student and instructor Crystal Lee started a nonprofit organization to pair American Indian youngsters and mentors.
People | June 2, 2011
The power duo got their start of UNLV, but didn't discover the important role it plays in the community until after graduation.
Sarah Bagnoli VanderMeer standing outdoors
People | May 18, 2011
VanderMeer is proof that one teacher can change a person’s life. Hers changed in a geography class.
People | May 18, 2011
Meet some of UNLV's graduates who were recognized at commencement for their academic achievements, community outreach, and ability to overcome adversity.
People | May 10, 2011
Two exceptional graduates share their thoughts on the paths that UNLV led them to take