Topic: diversity

Student checks out the Intersection office
Campus News | April 19, 2017
Executive director Harriet Barlow on the development of UNLV's new academic multicultural center.
Several childrens backpacks hanging on the wall
Research | March 22, 2017
Education policy experts explore how growing the pool of high-quality, diverse teachers benefits students and the state alike.
Olivia Perry holds up desk clock
People | March 13, 2017
Whether taking to the skies or tackling a thorny issue, this new compliance investigator finds that persistence pays off.
Cynthia Wong sits at a piano
People | February 6, 2017
From premiering new work at Carnegie Hall to collaborating on the Nextet new music concert series, this professor is proof classical composers are alive and kicking.
Francisco Sy
People | January 30, 2017
The new chair of environmental and occupational health says he was drawn to UNLV in part because of the opportunity to mentor minority students.
Ann McGinley
Research | September 15, 2016
Ann McGinley sees discrimination through the lens of masculinities theory.
Dr. Tanya Al-Talib
People | August 8, 2016
Always placing patients first is this orthodontist's tip for success for anyone working in a health care field.
crowd of students
Campus News | January 6, 2016
Media headlines highlighting UNLV's success in reaching milestones surrounding academics and recruitment.
opening of the Stardust Golf Course
Arts and Culture | November 16, 2015
The Southern Nevada Jewish Heritage Project at UNLV University Libraries documents the rich history of our region’s Jewish people and a city they transformed.
crowd of students walk outside
Campus News | September 9, 2015
UNLV jumps from sixth to second place on U.S. News & World Report’s annual list for “best ethnic diversity,” maintaining a spot in top 10 for fifth consecutive year.
Business and Community | February 19, 2014
Early African American settlers built their fortunes and pushed for equality in the surprisingly integrated Nevada community.
Campus News | September 10, 2013
UNLV earns diversity designation for third consecutive year; ranks in top 10 for diversity among undergrads.