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February 18, 2016
This Saturday, the third contest will be held in the Democratic presidential race: the Nevada caucuses.
February 16, 2016
Alicia Hernandez sat on a sofa in a re-purposed Las Vegas strip-mall store on a sunny Sunday afternoon listening to a step-by-step explanation from a Bernie Sanders field office director about how a presidential caucus works.
February 8, 2016
Donald Trump would have you believe that Mexican immigrants, as a general rule, bring drugs and crime into the United States and are rapists.
Houston Chronicle
February 3, 2016
If Iowa alone had the power to choose the Republican Party's presidential nominees, then Rick Santorum and Mike Huckabee would have been the last two GOP standard bearers.
Boston Herald
December 16, 2015
As he readies for tonight’s debate, Donald Trump’s improbable march to the GOP nomination could hit stumbling blocks in the early-state primaries, where his base is unproven and social conservatives are gravitating toward his biggest competitor, political watchers warn.
Bloomberg Politics
December 16, 2015
After five Republican presidential debates, Donald Trump's rivals still haven't figured out how to land a fatal blow against their party's front-runner. That was true again on Tuesday, as the New York businessman survived the latest meeting of the party's White House contenders as the discussion focused on the complex issue of foreign policy, a topic on which he's demonstrated little mastery.
October 16, 2015
Two days after the Democrats’ duel in our desert, the nation and Nevada are still waiting on an answer: Will Vice President Joe Biden jump in or stay out?
October 13, 2015
When the economy crashed in 2008, Rocky Jones was doing electrical work at the Fontainebleau, a $3-billion casino resort under construction on the Strip.