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November 29, 2016
Las Vegas is home to more than 20,000 Cubans, many who are conflicted by Fidel Castro's death. The longtime dictator of Cuba died Thursday at the age of 90. His death has raised questions about the significance of his passing.
The Week
November 14, 2016
Around two years ago, before this presidential race started, President Barack Obama had said that it would be difficult for Democrats to have another term after him. People may want a new car smell, he put it. But, he put in all his might in rallying for his former secretary of state Hillary Clinton, even roping in his ace card—wife Michelle. In the last days of the race, Obama worked almost full-time in the campaign, personally naming and shaming Donald Trump. But, he could not undo his prophecy.
Diario Cambio
November 3, 2016
Due to the large number of vehicles Volkswagen -installed in Cuautlancingo Puebla Mexico exported to the United States, it could become the most affected plant if the candidate for president in the country's north, Donald Trump wins the election next eight November.
La Reforma
November 2, 2016
At least 42 cars assembled in Mexico would be the target of tariff of 35 percent Republican candidate Donald Trump promises to impose to win election to the US presidency this November 8.
Swiss Public Radio (SRF)
November 2, 2016
Each and every sixth American has roots in Latin America. In some important swing states, such as Florida, Colorado, Arizona and Nevada, the votes of Latinos could make the difference. The report from Nevada.
Dagens Industri
October 26, 2016
Most opinion polls show that Hillary Clinton is heading towards a clear victory in the US presidential election. But there is a great concern that the measurements do not show an accurate picture.
October 25, 2016
Ahead of last week's presidential debate came Donald Trump with strong accusations that the presidential election is rigged against him by the media and the political elite. It is not the first time Trump has said it, but he has been increasingly loudly the last week.
October 24, 2016
Donald Trump has changed his tune. After telling the moderator at the final primary debate that he would keep the suspense on whether he would accept an adverse verdict after the elections, he toned down and said that he would be happy with the result -- be it win, lose or draw. At a campaign in North Carolina, one of the crucial swing states, Trump said he was giving his best and did not want to have any regrets.