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Most teenagers would rather crawl under a hole than listen to their dad give them a shout-out in a public announcement. But one 18-year-old appeared not to mind it so much on a flight to a Taylor Swift Eras Tour concert while traveling with her dad, who happened to be the pilot on board and a "Swiftie," the collective name for Swift's fans.
Ever notice that passengers are always boarded onto a plane from the left side of the aircraft? There are distinct functional and historical reasons why this practice has remained standard in the air travel industry.
Pilots are trained to deal with a range of in-flight emergencies to ensure the safety of their passengers. But what if the plane's pilots fall ill during a flight? Could a passenger take over and safely land the aircraft?
Frequent flyers know that the skies are not always smooth, and while turbulence fatalities are rare, the overall bumpiness in the air is becoming more frequent, and severe.
12 people injured on Qatar Airways flight traveling from Doha to Dublin. CBC's Deana Sumanac-Johnson discusses flight turbulence with aviation historian and former pilot.
The skies can be clear, blue, and tranquil. "And all of a sudden, boom, you hit it," Dan Bubb, a former airline pilot and now an aviation historian at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, told Mashable.
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Most travelers see airports as the beginning and end points of their journey, usually only passing through on their way to their gate or to collect their bags at their destinations. But if you're facing a delay or stuck on a long layover, you might have more time to spend in the terminal than you might like. Fortunately, major revamps at many hubs have changed what downtime between flights can feel like, thanks to the addition of top-tier dining, wellness amenities, and other nice perks. Read on for the best airports in America that are worth a layover, according to travel experts.
A video of a passenger bagging the "best seat ever" on the final flight of the day has gone viral on TikTok. The clip was shared by @nabil.o33 and has had 3.3 million views since it was posted on April 15. A message overlaid on the video says: "POV [point of view]: When you're flying standby on the last flight of the day, the flight is completely full, but you were given the option to sit in the back of the plane with the cabin crew."