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May 6, 2019
A major helium shortage could deflate your next party or celebration.
March 5, 2019
Neon has proven to be a very important and a storied part of Nevada's history -- in particular, in Las Vegas.
February 11, 2019
Thank you to Brian Greenspun for a wonderful column about UNLV (“UNLV now sits on a very short list,” Feb. 3).
March 14, 2018
FOX5's Peter Dawson shares how you can mark Pi Day in Southern Nevada.
Education Dive
March 13, 2018
Community engagement is a critical component of the work needed for higher education leaders to begin to turn the tide and change public opinion around the industry. It could mean partnering with unlikely messengers to spread the word, as in the case of UNLV's Dr. Michael Pravica, who teamed up with Bleacher Report and Oakland Raiders running back Marshawn Lynch to talk physics on Lynch's web series.
February 23, 2018
An unprecedented number of scientists have their sights set on various U.S. political posts in 2018. Their hope? Preventing the nation from contributing to environmental destruction by way of willful ignorance. Since taking office, President Donald Trump and his cohorts have made a habit of mocking and flat-out denying the legitimacy of climate change with attempts to derail crucial conversations surrounding the protection and preservation of natural resources.
Education Dive
January 4, 2018
Michael Pravica and Marshawn Lynch are at first glance (and second glance, third, fourth and fifth glances) an unlikely pair. But what the professor of physics at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and the star running back of the NFL’s Oakland Raiders have in common — besides their joint appearances on the Bleacher Report’s new Facebook show, “No Script with Marshawn Lynch” — centers around explosions. For Lynch, it's his explosive runs on the field, and for Pravica, it is the study of “things that go boom.”
Bleacher Report
December 7, 2017
UNLV physics professor Michael Pravica helps the NFL player conduct a few liquid nitrogen experiments.