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U.S.A. Today
Scientists have ample evidence to prove the Earth is a sphere. But some social media users claim to have devised an experiment showing the earth is flat.
U.S.A. Today
Social media is flooded with posts that claim to prove the Earth is flat. A recent example is a post that claims a photo of Chicago taken from Indiana demonstrates the Earth's flatness.
Science Times
Since Hubble Space Telescope was launched and deployed in April 1990, scientists have used it to observe the most distant stars and galaxies. One of these cosmic wonders that Hubble captured was the image of the star cluster NGC 2660.
U.S.A. Today
Some social media users are sharing a meme that claims to present evidence that Earth is flat instead of spherical.
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NASA's Artemis ONE launch is an attempt to return America to "Space Race" form.
During the early hours of Wednesday morning, James Rice waited anxiously at Kennedy Space Center’s Banana Creek viewing platform in Florida as NASA’s Moon rocket geared up for its inaugural liftoff. “Today I saw a piece of history,” Rice, associate director at Arizona State University’s School of Earth and Space Exploration, told Gizmodo in an email.
U.S.A. Today
Humans discovered the curvature and rotation of the Earth thousands of years ago, dating back to ancient Greece. Since then, scientists have only discovered more evidence to prove this is true – including seeing Earth itself from space.
NASA's Artemis launch is attempting to return America to 'Space Race' form, paving the way for humans on the moon for the first time since the 1970s.