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Professor, Anthropology
An expert in medical anthropology, health, disease, and maternal nutrition. 
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Associate Professor, Communication Studies
A rhetorical studies professor who researches the impact of cultural influences on how we view food and taste.
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Director, Didactic Program in Nutrition & Dietetics
An expert in nutrition, food and ethnic issues, and dietetics.
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Assistant Professor, School of Community Health Sciences
An expert on public health, and its relations to food, physical activity and community design.
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Associate Professor of Anthropology
An expert in the evolution of human nutrition, hunter-gatherer societies, and the division of labor between the sexes. 
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Director, Nutrition Sciences Program
An expert on sports and medical nutrition, exercise science, and weight management. 
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Assistant Professor in Residence, William F. Harrah College of Hospitality
An expert in food and beverage operational management, event management, wine education, and etiquette.
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Associate Professor of History
An expert in American history.
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Professor and Director, Asian and Asian American Studies
An expert on Asian American history, race and racism, and Thai cuisine.
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Postdoctoral Researcher of Biological Anthropology
An expert in human evolution, diet, and gut microbiome.