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Blissful Sisters: Jill, Jessica, and Jennifer Emich

UNLV alumni triplets beat to their own drum as they own and run restaurant and brewery.

People  |  Nov 3, 2017  |  By Angela Ramsey
three women

A triple threat, the Emich sisters have been in the restaurant business since they were 24. From left: Jennifer, '97 BS Elementary Education; Jessica, '97 BS Hotel Administration; and Jill, '97 BS Hotel Administration. 

Editor's Note: 

This story is part of a series highlighting intriguing alumni as part of the William F. Harrah College of Hospitality’s 50th anniversary celebration.

Owl Eyes, Three Laughing Monks, and Fairy Bubbles may sound like something out of a Harry Potter novel. Actually, they’re the whimsical names of Shine restaurant’s signature potions, crafted by Boulder, Colorado, restauranteurs Jill, Jessica, and Jennifer Emich.

“Our potions are delicious herbal beverages made with specific intentions,” Jill says amid a backdrop of incense and the clanking of post-lunch cleanup.

The triplets, who have been in the restaurant business since age 24, speak in tag team.

“Owl Eyes is for clarity,” Jennifer explains, “Laughing Monks is for a heightened state of being, and Fairy Bubbles brings about joy and mirth.”

“They also mix well with booze,” Jessica chimes in. It’s worth noting that in addition to operating a restaurant/bar, the sisters run one of the only female-owned breweries in the country.

As creative merchandisers, business owners, and authors of a new lifestyle cookbook Eat, Drink, Shine, the Emich triplets are an indisputable triple threat. But it doesn’t take owl eyes to see that the siblings’ success comes from a true passion for serving others — a passion that can be traced to a long bloodline of teachers, shopkeepers, and bread breakers.

“We come from a big Italian family,” Jill says proudly. “We love to eat, and we love to cook.”

“When we decided to start running a restaurant,” Jennifer adds, “it was a natural progression.”

Though inseparable for most of their lives, the New Jersey-born, self-proclaimed “Blissful Sisters” briefly entertained the idea of attending separate universities. Realizing their bond was too strong to break, the three set off to UNLV together; Jill and Jessica fell naturally into hospitality, while Jennifer followed in their mother’s footsteps and majored in education—a skill that has not been wasted. “Jen is still teaching every day,” Jessica says.

“We’re all bringing different strengths to our work,” Jennifer responds, “which helps our business.”

Underlying the sisters’ commitment to health, life balance, and each other is a Rebel spirit. “We worked hard and we lived big while we were students, and we continue beating to our own drum today, living life with passion and purpose,” Jill says.

Adds Jessica: “We’ve never gone by the playbook. We may be called the Blissful Sisters, but we’re definitely Rebels.”