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Be RebelSAFE and Get Back to Campus in 12 Easy Steps

Whether you’re new on campus or returning for another semester, this fall promises to bring new experiences. Here's how to make sure they're safe.

Campus News  |  Aug 15, 2018  |  By Ariana Renick

College campuses go to great lengths to protect their students. The most visible of reminders on our campus is the UNLV Police Force, but that is just the beginning of UNLV’s safety measures. RebelSAFE emergency phones, video surveillance systems, security escort services, and the RebelSAFE app are just a few ways UNLV is protecting our community. Yet, even with these measures in place, it’s important to remember that campus safety is also your personal responsibility. Take a moment to review these tips to #BeRebelSafe.

girl walking and looking at cell phone

1. Don’t let technology distract you.

We all have headphones, and we’re all guilty of staring at our cell phones while walking. But once you’re “plugged in,” you’ll lose focus on what’s around you. The key to avoiding a dangerous situation is to look up and open your eyes.

people walking at night

2. Walk with a friend at night.

Remember the buddy system we used in kindergarten? It still applies, especially in the evenings. Friends aren’t taking night classes with you? Consider calling for a campus security escort to get you safely to your car or residence hall. Contact campus dispatch at 702-895-3668 and save the number to your phone for easy access.

emergency phone

3. Take note of campus buildings and emergency phones.

Take note of UNLV’s buildings and the locations of the RebelSAFE emergency phones scattered across campus. It will be much easier to call for help if you’ve spotted one in advance and know where to go if you feel unsafe.

young woman holding phone

4. Use your cell phone as a safety tool.

Download the free RebelSAFE App so you’re first to receive campus safety alerts and make sure you have emergency contact numbers saved to your phone.

5. Social media – public or private?

Checking-in on social media, updating a status, or posting a photo is second nature. But if your account isn’t private, anyone has access to your location and information. Take a few minutes and check your privacy settings.

residence hall room

6. Your door has a lock, use it.

Yes, we would all love to be known as ‘that’ room in the residence halls whose door is always open, but that also opens you up to theft. Lock your door when you leave, even if you’re just going a few doors away, and make sure your roommate is on the same page as you. This applies to your vehicle too — keep valuables out of sight, and lock it up!

7. Avoid losing control and know your limits.

It’s college! No parents! This doesn’t mean putting yourself in a situation where your judgment is impaired. Know your limits and maintain control so you can think and act rationally.

counseling session

8. Trust your instincts.

If you see something, say something. If you’re feeling unsafe or uncomfortable, go with your gut. This also means sticking up for your friends or asking for help if they seem in distress. Step in to make a call to UNLV Police, CAPS, or Student of Concern if something doesn’t feel right.

women taking self-defense course

9. Consider taking a Girls on Guard self-defense class.

Being able to defend yourself could make a life-saving difference. Girls on Guard courses are offered for free on campus. Sign up and learn some new skills.

students at outdoor concert

10. Leave when your friends leave.

You don’t need to leave the party early just because one friend went home to study, but it is smart to make sure you have a minimum of one person with you that you know. Being alone is risky, no matter how chill everyone may seem.

11. Carry some emergency cash with you.

Don’t get stuck in a scary situation because you don’t have money to get out as soon as possible. Skip the Starbucks run and make sure to keep a small amount of cash on you just in case.

woman hiking

12. Check in with family and friends.

Don’t be a lone wolf just because you’re living on your own for the first time! Your friends don’t need to know where you are at all times, but it is a good idea if you’re doing something outside your normal routine to let someone you trust know where you’re headed and when you think you’ll be back.