Published: Nicholas Irwin

Nicholas B. Irwin (Economics) has co-authored two chapters that appeared in a new book, Science for the Sustainable City: Empirical Insights from the Baltimore School of Urban Ecology which synthesizes 20 years of research in the greater Baltimore region as part of long-running National Science Foundation Long-Term Ecological Research network that integrates natural and social sciences together as a single system. The first chaper is entitled "Effects of Disamenties and Amenities on Housing Markets and Locational Choices" and is co-authored with Elena G. Irwin (Ohio State), J. Morgan Grove (U.S. Forest Service), H. Allen Klaiber (Ohio State), Charles Towe (University of Connecticut), and Ausin Troy (University of Colorado - Denver). The second chapter is entitled "The Role of Regulations and Norms in Land-Use Change" and is co-authored with Elena G. Irwin (Ohio State), Geoffrey L. Buckley (Ohio University), Matthew Gnagey (Weber State), David Newburn (University of Maryland - College Park), Erin Pierce (Cornell), Douglas Wrenn (Penn State), and Wendong Zhang (Iowa State).

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