Published: Katherine Dockweiler, LeAnn Putney, and Teresa Jordan

Katherine Dockweiler, LeAnn Putney (both Educational Psychology and Higher Education), and Teresa Jordan (Environmental and Public Affairs) are the authors of the article “Enhancing the Policy Analysis Process: Case Studies Using the Layers of Analysis Framework," appearing in the Journal of Ethnographic & Qualitative Research. The Layers of Analysis Framework (LoAF) was uniquely designed as a methodological tool for deconstructing policy text in education at the text, policy, and societal levels to determine micro- and macro- implications. Existing methods of policy analysis in education are largely theoretical and lack concrete procedures for analytic replication. Robust measures of investigation are needed to enhance policy studies and to offer researchers alternatives to understanding social problems. The LoAF was originally designed as part of Dockweiler’s dissertation and her work was awarded the College of Education Dissertation of the Year Award in December 2012.


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