Published: Jennifer Byrnes

Jennifer Byrnes (Anthropology) has co-authored a chapter that appears in a new edited volume, Evaluating Evidence in Biological Anthropology: The Strange and the Familiar, edited by Cathy Willermet and Sang-Hee Lee. The chapter, "(Re)Discovering Paleopathology: Integrating Individuals And Populations In Bioarchaeology," co-authored with Ann L. W. Stodder (University of New Mexico and Museum of New Mexico), reviews the underpinnings of the enhanced articulation of paleopathology and bioarchaeology, especially in regard to studies of disability and care. The volume takes a critical perspective to the current state of biological anthropology, exploring theory and practice in paleoanthropology, bioarchaeology, and ecology. Contributors challenge how evidence is discovered, collected, and interpreted, and explain that researchers gain insights by de-familiarizing themselves from well-known methods and taking a different perspective — "making the familiar strange."

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