General MBA

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UNLV and the Lee Business School offers the most comprehensive and flexible MBA Program in Nevada. The MBA Program enables its students to become leaders who succeed in fast-paced and dynamic environments. The General MBA enables students to holistically integrate decisions and solutions across multiple disciplines and succeed in competitive and global industries.

MBA Concentrations

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MBA: Finance Concentration

The MBA Program’s Finance Concentration elevates students to leadership roles in financial management. Pushing beyond a working knowledge of financial management, a MBA provides the skills necessary to solve the complex problems encountered in managing the financial affairs of a firm. We encourage our students to master conceptual frameworks and cultivate innovate approaches of investments in financial assets, including stocks, bonds, and derivative securities.

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MBA: Marketing Concentration

For the ambitious and value-driven student, the MBA Program is a world-recognized and AASCB accredited program that provides future marketing executives with an affordable and data driven education. The MBA Program’s Marketing Concentration prepares students to tackle the research that drives marketing services, products, and ideas for profit and not-for-profit firms. Our students learn traditional marketing methods that are enhanced to meet the digital-first marketplace.

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MBA: Healthcare Management Concentration

Healthcare is a rapidly changing industry that is driven by technological advancements and the regulatory agencies that govern it. The MBA Program's Healthcare Management Concentration is designed for the ambitious individuals who will be leaders in this dynamic industry. Our program prepares students for leadership roles that influence how and where care is delivered, who is providing those services, and how patient care is financed.

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MBA: New Venture Management Concentration

Dubbed the next Silicon Valley, Las Vegas is the best location for start-up companies and entrepreneurs. The MBA Program’s New Venture Management concentration provides the concepts, skills, and professional network necessary to successfully develop new products and services. This concentration allows MBA students to masterfully analyze business opportunities, articulate them as a compelling business description, and pitch to an audience of investors, customers, or business partners.

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MBA: Management Information Systems Concentration

Digital innovation and data permeates every industry. The MBA Program's Management Information Systems (MIS) concentration is designed for the next generation of solutions orientated business leaders. This concentration equips students to design, develop, implement, evaluate, and troubleshoot MIS problems across multiple industries. Through state-of-the-art topics such as business intelligence, electronic commerce, networks, and data modeling, MBA students are able to effectively respond to the growing demand for leadership in an information economy.

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MBA: Human Resources Management Concentration

People are a firm’s most important assets. The MBA Program’s Human Resources Management concentration is designed for future HR leaders in every industry. This concentration prepares students to be strategically navigate HR-related legal and ethical principles, talent acquisition, compensation, and employee development.

MBA Dual-Degrees

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Dual Degree: MBA/MS in Hotel Administration

Las Vegas is the world’s most renowned city for entertainment and luxury resorts; cultivating leaders in this industry is what we know best. The Dual MBA and MS-Hotel Administration program of study is designed for those who seek career and business leadership roles in hotel administration. The MBA Program is designed to provide students with the skills necessary to make decisions and strategically navigate the global dynamics of business while the UNLV MS-Hotel Administration program is designed to provide the industry-specific knowledge. Students will receive a dual degree, an MBA and a MS-Hotel Administration.

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Dual Degree: MBA/MS in Management Information Systems

The Dual MBA and MS-MIS program of study is designed to cultivate leaders within the area of management information systems. The MBA Program is designed to allow students form a strategic perspective and the ability to integrate decisions and solutions across disciplines. The MS-MIS portion of the dual degree is designed to prepare graduates with a broad-based knowledge of information system design, development, implementation, evaluation, and maintenance. Students will receive a dual degree, an MBA and a MS-Management Information Systems.

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Dual Degree: MBA/MS in Quantitative Finance

For those number-philes that may feel a finance concentration simply will not suffice, we are happy to provide the Dual MBA-MSQF program of study.  This curriculum is perfect for future leaders that demand an understanding of the critical back-office data used to inform the decisions they make. Eligible candidates will benefit from the experience that our nationally ranked MBA program offers, both inside and out of the classroom. They will also concurrently be immersed in a rigorous study of financial theory and the latest quantitative modeling and programming techniques to apply those principles best.  The fog of any business environment will dissipate with both the bird’s eye and ground-level perspective that this opportunity will provide!

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Dual Degree: MBA/Master of Healthcare Administration

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, opportunities are growing fast for executives and managers in the healthcare industry. This is due to advances in health information technology, the needs of an aging population, and challenges in our healthcare delivery systems. This program allows you to gain the foundational business and healthcare concepts for success in administrative roles in this growing industry.

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Dual Degree: MBA & Doctor of Dental Medicine

The UNLV School of Dental Medicine and the Lee Business School offer a dual Doctorate of Dental Medicine (DMD) and Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree. The concurrent dual-degree program is designed for those who seek career and business leadership opportunities in the field of dentistry. Students will receive two degrees, an MBA and a DMD.

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Dual Degree: MBA & Juris Doctor

The William S. Boyd School of Law and the Lee Business School offers a dual Juris Doctor (JD) and Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree program that allows students to be admitted in both programs and achieve the JD and MBA degrees simultaneously. The concurrent dual-degree program is designed for those who seek leadership opportunities in corporate legal teams and government agencies.

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Dual Degree: MBA & MS in Civil and Environmental Engineering

The dual Master of Business Administration (MBA) & Master of Science (MS) in Engineering - Civil & Environmental Engineering enables students to pursue these degrees simultaneously. This program was created for engineers looking to advance their knowledge in the engineering field and obtain the business skills necessary to obtain a leadership role within the industry.

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Dual Degree: MBA & MS in Computer Science

The dual Master of Business Administration (MBA) & Master of Science (MS) - Computer Science offers students the opportunity to combine a business education with the technical skills of a computer science degree. These skills allow students to become leaders, managers and entrepreneurs in technologically-inclined businesses.

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Dual Degree: MBA & Doctor of Medicine

The dual Master of Business Administration (MBA) & Doctor of Medicine (MD) program is designed to develop outstanding physicians who are skilled in both medicine and business. It is said that medicine is a profession, but healthcare is a business. This program allows our doctors to be successful in both.