Nerses Kopalyan

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Nerses Kopalyan, Ph.D.

Associate Professor-in-Residence

Political Science
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Nerses Kopalyan, Ph.D., is an assistant professor-in-residence of Political Science at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. His fields of specialization include international relations, political theory, and philosophy of science. He has conducted extensive research on analytic philosophy, feminist theory, and paradigm building. He is the co-author of Sex, Power, And Politics (Palgrave Macmillan, 2016). He is also the author of World Political Systems After Polarity (Routledge, 2017). His current research concentrates on political violence and terrorism, and its impact on geopolitical and great power relations.

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Expert Areas: International Relations; Superpowers and Polarity Studies; Theories of International Relations; International Security and Terrorism; Caucasus and Eurasia.