National Society of Minorities in Hospitality (NSMH)

Become a leader of tomorrow.

The National Society of Minorities in Hospitality (NSMH) is a registered student-run organization at UNLV that strives to develop students of today into leaders of tomorrow in an environment as diverse as the hospitality industry we are preparing to enter. Our vision is to educate and advance the interests of our members in a way that develops each student’s leadership skills, fosters connections with industry professionals and makes them marketable to leading hospitality employers.

Getting Involved

Members of the UNLV chapter of NSMH must pay a one-time $60 fee ($35 for local fees and $25 for national fees). Membership is valid for an entire academic year. Students must join nationally online. Local benefits include an NSMH polo and a professional headshot for your professional networking profiles (LinkedIn, Gmail, etc.). National benefits include scholarship opportunities and is the first step to attending the regional and national conferences!

Who Should Join?

ALL students who will soon lead the diverse workforce that makes up the hospitality industry. NSMH is proud of its diversity and believes that understanding and engaging multiculturalism provides a competitive advantage in the hospitality industry.


General meetings are held every Wednesdays at 5:30 p.m. The meeting locations may vary, so please email to be included on our newsletter emailing list! Our end goal is to develop students personally and professionally and prepare them for the regional and national conference. At these conferences, students have the opportunity to meet an array of recruiters and land that dream job within the industry. We host industry professionals/recruiters as speakers, exclusive NSMH property tours, and social events with other hospitality-oriented organizations throughout the year. We are also involved in hosting Hospitality Week and plenty of community service events to build your resume. Join us as we transform today's students into tomorrow'sleaders and see why we were named the Harrah Hotel College Student Organization of the Year!

Learn more about NSMH by visiting us on Facebook (@UNLV NSMH), or Instagram (@UNLVNSMH).

Contact Us

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Korey DuBose

Vice President
Brandon Yamaguchi

Faculty Advisor
Finley Cotrone