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Research and Creative Honors

Take a deep dive into the topics that most fascinate you. Discover answers to tough questions. Contribute to your field of study. 

Research and Creative Honors Program at UNLV

Program Overview

In the Research and Creative Honors Program (RH), students undertake an Honors Thesis – an independent research/creative project – while also completing four HON 400-level seminars.

Research and Creative Honors (RH) is suitable for undergraduate transfer students, as well as for continuing UNLV students who have completed the majority of their general education courses. University Honors students may choose to complete RH and graduate with two Honors College distinctions.

Program Requirements

RH students must complete the following 16-18 credits:

Course Credits
HON 498 Honors Thesis/Project I 1-3 credits
HON 499 Honors Thesis/ Project II 3 credits
Four HON 400-level seminars* 12 credits

*Note: Current students in University Honors (UH) do not need to take additional HON 400s beyond those included in the UH requirements. UH students, therefore, only need to successfully complete HON 498 and HON 499 to satisfy RH requirements.

Students who are RH-only must complete at least one HON 400-level seminar before starting HON 498.

Please review the RH Program Learning Outcomes for more information.

Honors Thesis

The Honors Thesis is a comprehensive research/creative project completed over two sequential semesters. RH students work closely with a Faculty Advisor – a professor typically from the student’s academic major – to develop and refine the project. Most RH projects culminate in a traditional research thesis, but students majoring in the arts may complete thesis projects that take the shape of an original creative work.

Honors Seminars

RH students must also complete four HON 400-level seminar courses. Taught by professors from an array of academic disciplines, these one-of-a-kind courses create a powerful atmosphere for invigorating class discussions, discovery, and deep learning. These seminars can be used to satisfy certain general education core requirements (verify with your Honors Advisor).

Program Eligibility

In order to apply for RH, students must have the following qualifications:

  • A cumulative university GPA of 3.50 or higher
  • Completed at least 30 credits (sophomore standing)
  • Excellent writing skills (as demonstrated by a writing sample)

Students typically apply for RH at the end of their sophomore year or early in their junior year.

Latin Honors Designation

Students who complete RH will graduate Cum Laude if their cumulative UNLV GPA is between 3.30 and 3.49; Magna cum Laude if their UNLV GPA is between 3.50 and 3.69; or Summa cum Laude if they achieve an ‘A’ grade for the Honors Thesis (HON 499) and a final GPA of 3.70 or higher.