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Honors College Writing Center

The Honors College is proud to offer individualized writing support for first-year students. The Writing Center in the Honors College is designed to support first-year students with workshops, handouts, and individual writing tutoring. Because writing is central in every Honors College core class, we seek to support students as they complete the regular, varied writing assignments they will encounter.

Individual Consultations

The Honors College Writing Center continues to support students during the 2021-22 academic year via face-to-face meetings, virtual WebEx meetings, and Online Writing Lab (OWL) consultations. Your dedicated HC Writing Consultants – Brian, Anna, and Shelby – provide 30 hours per week of individual writing tutoring and support.

Making Appointments

Video conferencing via WebEx are available, as well as Online Writing Lab appointments (OWLs) to continue provide feedback on student paper drafts.

Students can schedule a virtual writing consultation through Campus Connect. For assistance using this system, see our step-by-step guide: Making a Writing Center Appointment via Campus Connect.

Depending on your preferred method of instruction, video conference or OWL, your appointment time may not strictly apply to your appointment. Your writing consultants will be working with a “first in, first out” strategy to ensure that feedback is not delayed. Selecting the earliest available appointment slot will ensure feedback is received as quickly as possible. Turn- around times are expected to be 36-48 hours depending on demand.

Your appointment confirmation e-mail will contain a link to your private video conference session. Please keep it at the ready!

Our Writing Consultants

Anna Mandilaris

Anna Mandilaris
Graduate Assistant

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Shelby Smith
Graduate Assistant

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Brian Forbes
Graduate Assistant