An open journal with hand-written cursive displayed on a wooden table

Honors College Writing Center

The Honors College is proud to offer individualized writing support for first-year students. The Writing Center in the Honors College is designed to support first-year students with workshops, handouts, and individual writing tutoring. Because writing is central in every Honors College core class, we seek to support students as they complete the regular, varied writing assignments they will encounter.

Individual Consultations

The Honors College Writing Center supports students throughout regular Fall and Spring semesters via face-to-face meetings, virtual  meetings, and Online Writing Lab (OWL) consultations. Our dedicated HC Writing Consultants provide 30 hours per week of individual writing tutoring and support.

Making Appointments

Appointments with our HC Writing Consultants can be made via the Rebel Success Hub.

Follow these steps to schedule your appointment: 

  1. From your Rebel Success Hub homepage, click on the Advising and Student Support tile.
  2. Click the red Schedule an Appointment button in the top center of the screen.
  3. Search for Rebel Consultant-Temp - Honors College Writing Center
  4. Select an available Date & Time
  5. Follow the prompts to indicate the purpose of your meeting and your preferred meeting type.

You can find screenshots of the above steps in our Scheduling an Appointment with the HC Writing Center.

If you need assistance or have additional questions, please contact Dr. Heather Lusty at