Academic Programs

Specially designed for high-achieving students, our academic programs serve as incubators for intellectual and personal growth. Honors College offers two distinct yet complementary programs of study to qualified students:

University Honors Program

The University Honors program (UH) delivers the comprehensive Honors College experience to students from any major throughout all of their undergraduate years. UH students complete our innovative Honors core curriculum – an exclusive array of advanced, thought provoking courses – in place of UNLV’s standard general education requirements. This program is primarily designed for incoming freshmen but can accommodate transfer and continuing students.

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Research and Creative Honors Program

The Research and Creative Honors program (RH) gives undergraduate students the opportunity to undertake a special project culminating in a senior thesis within their major discipline. RH students also complete a set of our 400-level seminars. This program is particularly suitable for transfer students, as well as for continuing UNLV students who have completed the bulk of their general education courses. Furthermore, University Honors students can choose to complete the RH and graduate with two honors distinctions.

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