Honors Medallion

The Honors Thesis

As the centerpiece of our Research and Creative Honors Program (RH), the Honors Thesis gives undergraduates the opportunity to take their research and/or creative work to the next level.

RH students work closely with their Faculty Advisor to complete their Honors Thesis over the course of two sequential semesters. During the first semester (HON 498), students develop a comprehensive proposal for the project, which is then presented to their Honors Thesis Committee. If approved, RH students proceed to the second semester (HON 499) to complete the proposed project and ultimately defend the final Honors Thesis to their committee. RH students also present an academic poster of their Honors Thesis at the Research and Creative Honors Forum.

Options for Your Project

The Honors Thesis is open to students from all majors. While most RH projects culminate in a traditional research thesis, students majoring in the arts may complete a thesis by crafting an original artistic work.

  • Research thesis: an original research project culminating in a written thesis that aligns with academic standards of the student’s field of study. The methodology used in these projects can include field observation, analyses of printed sources, qualitative research (e.g., interviews), survey research, and/or controlled experimentation.
  • Creative thesis: an original artistic work that reflects the student’s academic discipline. Examples of creative thesis projects include choreographing a dance, writing a novella or collection of short stories, or composing a complex piece of music.

Your Thesis Committee

The Honors Thesis is ultimately graded by a committee of three faculty members:

  • Faculty Advisor – a UNLV professor with expertise in topics related to the thesis
  • Committee Member – a UNLV professor typically from the student’s major
  • Honors College Faculty Member – an Honors professor who represents the Honors College

It is the responsibility of the RH student to confirm their Faculty Advisor and additional Committee Member. The Associate Dean will inform the student of their assigned Honors College Faculty Member for the committee.