Blocks are laid out during the construction of the James Bailey marimba
Feb. 12, 2018

A retired master works with UNLV professor on documenting the building of what may be the final instrument of his career.

A collage of images showing the final set design for a theatre performance as well as the Barrick Museum behind blooming yellow flowers.
Feb. 9, 2018

From galleries and exhibits to the latest Nevada Conservatory Theatre production, we're adding the finishing touches on art projects across campus.

Norma Saldivar talking to students
Jan. 29, 2018

This new department chair says the move to UNLV allows her to continue her commitment to developing new generations of theater devotees.

Henry Kronberg
Jan. 10, 2018

UNLV experts lead discussions during annual Las Vegas Jewish Film Festival Jan. 13-28

Hailey Dawson and Maria Gerardi
Jan. 2, 2018

A collection of news stories from 2017 highlighting UNLV's impact in Southern Nevada and beyond.

UNLV engineering students
Dec. 27, 2017

News-making student achievements include wins in national and international competitions; triumphs over personal adversity; and inventions and research with regional, national, global, and intergalactic impact.

woman in gold dress
Dec. 7, 2017

Museum director Alisha Kerlin is building a network of collaborators from disparate disciplines and inventing new ways to entice the community to campus.

A conductor leads an orchestra.
Nov. 27, 2017

Interest in classical music is fading. What does that tell us about how we arrived at the current state of culture?

Nov. 21, 2017

Game designer honors artist friend with scholarship.

woman with flute
Nov. 14, 2017

Against all odds, doctoral student Dafne Guevara created Panama’s first flute festival to inspire others to achieve.

Mexican ofrenda altar
Oct. 31, 2017

Barrick Museum display for Dia de los Muertos welcomes additions through this week.

man sitting
Oct. 18, 2017

UNLV alumnus Tony Canepa turns his illustration skills toward UNLV's history.