• Portrait Eakalak Khan

    New Faces: Eakalak Khan

    A firm believer in perseverance, this engineering professor hopes to contribute to Nevada’s water conservation efforts.

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  • Downtown Crusader: Ryan Doherty

    As his love for Las Vegas grew, this Boston transplant became devoted to developing Downtown.

  • A Touch of Elegance: Kathy Dyke

    This alumna’s love affair with UNLV continues through community partnerships.

  • Seizing Opportunity

    Aspiring physician Kevin Ashi’s mission to solve global public health challenges is a path paved through life experiences, hard work, and a philosophy built on taking chances.

UNLV Today Announcements


Karl Kingsley, Ian Pearson, and James Luke Taylor (all Dental) published the peer-reviewed manuscript "Evaluation of Differential Oral Cell-Specific Responses to the e-Cigarette Component Nicotine" in the International Journal of Research and Reports in Dentistry.    
Charlotta Sanders (Mechanical Engineering) and her husband, Mark Callis Sanders, recently received the American Chemical Society’s Energy and Fuels Division Distinguished Service Medal (Peter Derrick Memorial Medal) in recognition of their contribution to the division. The award was presented to the Sanders to acknowledge their efforts in...