Active Assailant Safety Training


Apr. 26, 2024, 8am to 5pm

Office/Remote Location

Nevada State University
Rogers Student Building, Ballroom A


University Police Services (UPD) will host an Active Assailant Safety Training Session at Nevada State University on Friday, April 26. This training will center on the "Run. Hide. Fight." principles. Participants will engage in interactive sessions, collaborating with peers and UPD law enforcement officers to explore key concepts. The immersive nature of this course will provide firsthand experience of firearm discharge effects (facilitated by trained officers in a controlled setting), enhancing participants' preparedness and understanding of active assailant situations. 

Your involvement in this event is highly appreciated, and the knowledge gained will significantly contribute to your readiness both on and off campus. 



Admission Information

There are 50 seats available for this training. To secure your spot, register (access code: NCBRT375) at least one week before the session date.

Contact Information

University Police Services, Southern Command